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Telecoms Training Courses

LEVER deliver onsite Telecoms training courses and scheduled Telecoms courses across the UK, Europe, EMEA, US and the Asia/Pacific regions. Click on the course titles below to view our detailed Telecoms course outlines, public scheduled Telecoms course dates and training delivery locations.

Telecoms and Networking Bootcamp training course
A 1-day Telecoms training course - A Fast-Track Overview of Essential Telecoms and Data Networking concepts.

Wireshark Boot Camp Training Course training course
A 1-day Wireshark training course - Learn Wireshark network monitoring, troubleshooting with Wireshark, Wireshark security monitoring, Wireshark protocol analysis, network diagnosis and support using Wireshark.

Understanding Telecoms, Networking, IP, VoIP and SIP training course
A 5-day Telecoms, IP and VoIP training course - A unique, comprehensive, **MODULAR**, high-value coverage of Telecommunications and Networking, including Telephony, PSTN, Data networks, Ethernet, LAN, WAN, TCP/IP, IP Routing, IPv6, VoIP, SIP and more.

Understanding Telecoms, Datacoms, Mobile, Wireless and IP Networking training course
A 5-day Telecoms training course - A unique, comprehensive, high-value introduction to communications and networking, including Telecoms, Data Networks, LAN, WAN, IP, Wireless and Mobile technologies.

Overview of Telecoms, Networking and Wireless Systems training course
A 2-day Telecoms training course - A high-value two-day course which provides an essential overview of key telecoms and networking principles, systems and terminology .

CompTIA Convergence+ Training training course
A 5-day Convergence+ training course - The official CompTIA Convergence+ Training Course delivered by Europe's leader in Telecoms and VoIP training.

Advanced Network Support Analysis & Troubleshooting training course
A 3-day network troubleshooting training course - An essential and practical coverage of network support, protocol analysis, troubleshooting and management featuring Wireshark network monitoring, protocol analysis and support.

Digital Subscriber Line: ADSL, xDSL training course
A 1-day ADSL training course - An essential and authoritative coverage of ADSL and xDSL-related technologies.

ADSL Evolution: ADSL2, ADSL2+ training course
A 1-day ADLS training course - An accelerated and authoritative coverage of ADSL, ADSL2 and ADSL2+.

IP/Ethernet Backhaul Planning training course
A 3-day IP/Ethernet Backhaul training course - An authoritative course covering IP/Ethernet Backhauling, and IP Backaul network Planning for 3G/4G Networks.

ATM, SDH, DWDM, Frame Relay and ISDN training course
A 2-day WAN training course - An accelerated and authoritative coverage of modern wide area networking technologies.

Signalling System 7 (SS7/C7) training course
A 2-day SS7 training course - A comprehensive introduction to C7 signalling, architecture, messages, IN, and C7 deployment in modern networks.

Introduction to Telephony training course
A 2-day Telephony training course - An accelerated introduction to the terminology and services of telephone networks.

ISDN Networks training course
A 2-day ISDN training course - A comprehensive coverage of ISDN networks, protocols, services and associated technologies.

ATM Networks training course
A 2-day ATM training course - An in-depth, authoritative, vendor-independent coverage of ATM networks and ATM network engineering equipment and services.

Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) training course
A 1-day SDH training course - An authoritative, fast-track coverage of SDH network principles, implementation and management.

X.25 Packet Switching Networks training course
A 2-day X25 training course - A comprehensive coverage of X.25 packet switch networks and associated technologies and associated technologies.

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