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Voice Telephony Training Courses

LEVER deliver onsite Voice Telephony training courses and scheduled Voice Telephony courses across the UK, Europe, EMEA, US and the Asia/Pacific regions. Click on the course titles below to view our detailed Voice Telephony course outlines, public scheduled Voice Telephony course dates and training delivery locations.

Introduction to Telephony training course
A 2-day Telephony training course - An accelerated introduction to the terminology and services of telephone networks.

VoIP Transmission, QoS, MPLS training course
A 1-day VoIP training course - .

VoIP Overview training course
A 1-day VoIP training course - A comprehensive, authoritative and up-to-the-minute coverage of Voice over IP principles, current VoIP standards, services, IP telephony products and associated technologies.

VoIP and Unified Communications (UC) training course
A 3-day VoIP training course - A comprehensive, authoritative and thoroughly hands-on practical coverage of the latest Voice over IP standards, IP telephony products and Unified Communications (UC) .

Voice over Wi-Fi (VoFi / VoWLAN) training course
A 2-day Voice over WLAN training course - An advanced course covering voice over Wi-Fi technologies and VoWi-Fi network engineering .

SIP Fundamentals training course
A 2-day SIP training course - A market-leading, hands-on practical SIP training course, covering Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Protocols, Implementation, Analysis and Support.

SIP Trunking training course
A 1-day SIP Trunking training course - SIP Trunking: Everything you need to know in order to implement SIP Trunks into your business, so that they work first time and enable successful transition from traditional telecoms links.

SCTP - Stream Control Transmission Protocol - SS7 over IP training course
A 1-day SCTP training course - An Technical Overview of SCTP (Stream Control Transmission Protocol) - for transporting SS7 over IP.

SCTP In-Depth (Stream Control Transmission Protocol) training course
A 2-day SCTP training course - An In-Depth Coverage of SCTP (Stream Control Transmission Protocol).

IMS Architecture and Protocols training course
A 2-day IMS training course - .

Certified Voice XML Developer training course
A 5-day VoiceXML training course - A high-value coverage of VoiceXML v2.0, speech recognition grammars, text- to-speech output, call control and voice user interface design, which helps IT professionals prepare for the VoiceXML Developer Certification exam.

Signalling System 7 (SS7/C7) training course
A 2-day SS7 training course - A comprehensive introduction to C7 signalling, architecture, messages, IN, and C7 deployment in modern networks.

ISDN Networks training course
A 2-day ISDN training course - A comprehensive coverage of ISDN networks, protocols, services and associated technologies.

CompTIA Convergence+ Training training course
A 5-day Convergence+ training course - The official CompTIA Convergence+ Training Course delivered by Europe's leader in Telecoms and VoIP training.

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