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Artemis pCell - Steve Perlman - LTE on Steroids?

Artemis pCell - Steve Perlman - Science Fact or Fiction?

Artemis describe how conventional mobile cellular base stations (towers) transmit radio signals that are set to carefully-chosen frequencies - to avoid interfering with each other. Artemis refers to these as "large" cells, ranging from 50m to 5km in size.

All mobile devices, perhaps thousands operating within a single cell, share the capacity of the cell's radio channel, each device getting a fractional share of the spectrum capacity.

Artemis pCell

Artemis explain that their pCell wave radios transmit signals that deliberately interfere with each other, combining to synthesise tiny pCells, each just one cm in size.

Every mobile device has its own pCell, a "Personal Cell," each getting the full spectrum capacity.

The question is: does this work? and if so: how?

Artemis pCell - how does it work?

Perlman has disclosed no specific details of how Artemis pCell works which, along with his comparisons with "cold fusion", has led many to wonder what is the science behind pCell?

It is likely that Artemis pCell works using techniques that have been described as, and employed in, Interference Multiple Access (IMA / MAI) and Multi-User Detection (MUD). These rely on the fact that the interference is not random, white or Gaussian, but structured.

Perlman's performance claims need to be verified, and the viability of Artemis pCell technology for widespread use needs investigating. Artemis plans to test pCell in the field later this year in San Francisco, and says the antennas will be "ready for first commercial deployment in one market at the end of 2014, expanding to major markets in the US, Asia and Europe starting in 2016."

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