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Aruba Wireless Networks from LEVER

Aruba wirelessAruba wireless solutions from LEVER deliver industry-leading wireless Mobility, Performance, Security and Dependability for wireless Offices, Enterprises, Education and Healthcare

LEVER have unrivalled experience in Planning, Design, Survey and Installation of Aruba wireless network solutions. Our experience is such that we are frequently brought in as replacement suppliers, to advise on the re-deployment of existing Aruba network installations, and on new deployments of Aruba wireless network products.

Contact us now for independent advice and competitive pricing on Aruba Networks wireless solutions.

Aruba Wireless Mobility Controllers

Aruba's family of mobility controllers are purpose-built network infrastructure devices, designed from the ground up to provide secure, scalable solutions for campus wireless LAN, wired security, branch office deployments, and remote networking.

Aruba Mobility Controller 6000The Aruba 6000 Mobility Controller is the most scalable modular controller in the Aruba wireless range, designed for corporate headquarters and large campus deployments. The Aruba 6000 wireless controller features 10-Gigabit Ethernet connections and can aggregate up to 4,096 remote and 2,048 Aruba wireless access points in a single modular chassis.

Aruba Mobility Controller 3000Aruba 3000 series Mobility Controllers are a family of three fully-featured controllers able to aggregate up to 32, 64, 128 campus APs, and 128, 256, 512 Aruba Remote Access Points (RAPs) respectively. The Aruba 3000 controller is designed for mid-size to large-scale Aruba wirless network deployments, and has Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. Aruba 300 controllers can easily be deployed as an overlay without any disruption to the existing wired network.

Aruba Mobility Controller 600Aruba 600 series Mobility Controllers are designed for small branch offices with up to 512 users. The Aruba 600 controller family offers a range of WAN connectivity, network-attached storage, Gigabit Ethernet, Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and USB options. An 802.11n Wi-Fi radio is also included in the package.

Aruba Wireless Controllers running the ArubaOS operating system support a range of software applications – including per-user stateful firewalls, VPN client termination, voice aware services, and wireless intrusion prevention in a single appliance.

Aruba Wireless Access Points

Aruba 802.11n APs for headquarters and campus wireless LANs support a wide range of operating modes. Aruba 802.11n APs support distributed and centralised traffic forwarding modes, while offering best-in-class RF management through Adaptive Radio Management (ARM) technology.

Aruba AP-124 and AP-125 Access Points

Aruba AP-124, Aruba AP-125Aruba AP-124 and AP-125 wireless access points are indoor 802.11n APs designed for maximum flexibility in high-density environments that require above-ceiling or enclosure-based installations.

Aruba AP-124 and AP-125 APs' multifunction dual-radio 802.11a/b/g/n AP with 3x3 MIMO deliver high-capacity, dual-band WLAN coverage with multiple antenna options, Ethernet pass-through, mesh and sensor capabilities; or can operate as a Remote AP.

Aruba AP-120 and AP-121 Access Points

Aruba AP-120, Aruba AP-121Aruba AP-120 and AP-121 access points are similar to the Aruba AP-124 and AP-125, except that they are single-radio APs, designed for use in low-density environments.


Aruba AP-105 Access Points

Aruba AP-105Aruba AP-105 is classed an an "affordable" indoor 802.11a/b/g/n AP with 2x2 MIMO, dual-radio, dual-band AP for high-density deployments in offices, hospitals, schools and retail stores.

In addition to providing Wi-Fi client access, multifunctional Aruba 802.11n APs perform spectrum analysis for non-802.11 noise classification, air monitoring for wireless security, and operate as Remote APs (RAPs) and secure enterprise mesh APs. Aruba APs employ Trusted Platform Modules (TPM) to store sensitive information for enterprise-grade security for distributed forwarding applications at the campus or branch.

Aruba AP-92 and AP-93 Access Points

Aruba AP-92, AP-93The Aruba AP-92 and AP-93 are entry-level indoor 802.11a/b/g/n APs with 2x2 MIMO, similar to the AP-105, but with a single-band, single-radio. These APs are intended for low density environments.


Aruba AP-125

Legacy Aruba Access Points

Aruba AP-60 and AP-61 wireless access points are single-radio (dual-band 802.11a or b/g) indoor APs, capable of supporting multiple functions including WLAN access, air monitoring/wireless intrusion detection and prevention, and secure enterprise mesh in the 2.4GHz or 5GHz RF spectrum.

Aruba Remote Access Points

Aruba 802.11n Remote Access Points (RAPs) provide secure always-on network access to corporate enterprise resources from remote locations. Ideal for users in small branch offices and teleworkers in home offices, Aruba RAPs support wired and wireless connectivity, traffic forwarding traffic based on policy, user-centric security, and backup links over cellular networks.

Aruba AP-125

Aruba AirMesh Outdoor Wireless Mesh

Aruba AirMesh Outdoor Wireless Mesh Networks combine a high-performance 802.11n multi-radio architecture with intelligent Layer 3, routing for greater reliability and scalability. The result is a high-capacity, multiservice mesh network designed for multimedia applications in municipal, public safety and industrial deployments.

The Aruba AirMesh family includes ruggedised single-, dual- and quad-radio wireless mesh routers operating at speeds of up to 300Mbps per radio. Each software-configurable radio can function as a mesh backhaul link or as a Wi-Fi access point (AP). Aruba's AirMesh multi-radio architecture enables the construction of wireless mesh networks that deliver great performance and sustained throughput over multiple hops.

Aruba wireless mesh routers employ three technologies that differentiate Aruba AirMesh products from other wireless mesh routers: Adaptive Wireless Routing™, MobileMatrix™ and Active Video Transport™. These technologies help optimise an Aruba AirMesh solution for greater performance when delivering multi-media streams across a multiple-hop wireless mesh.

Aruba AirMesh products deliver:

  • Reliable, high-performance networking using intelligent, Layer 3 routing technology.
  • Unprecedented multi-hop capacity with Aruba’s multi-radio architecture.
  • HD-quality video surveillance with Active Video Transport™ (AVT™) technology.
  • Comprehensive end-to-end security and traffic management.
  • A full suite of mesh tools to simplify planning, deployment and management.


ArubaOS® is the operating system and application engine for all Aruba Wireless Network Mobility Controllers and access devices. ArubaOS is designed for scalable performance, and is built using three core components.

ArubaOS comes with an extensive set of capabilities, including Aruba's Adaptive Radio Management (ARM). Aruba ARM employs infrastructure-based controls to optimise Wi-Fi client behavior and automatically ensures that Aruba access points (APs) stay clear of interference, resulting in a more reliable, higher performance wireless LAN infrastructure.

In addition to Aruba's ARM, Aruba's Virtual Intranet Access (VIA) agent enables secure IPSec VPN connectivity back to corporate resources for staff working away from the office.

Aruba license keys enable a series of optional software modules, including the Aruba Policy Enforcement Firewall, RFProtect™ wireless security and spectrum analysis capabilities, and xSec advanced Layer 2 encryption.

AirWave Wireless Management Suite (AWMS)

AirWave Wireless Management Suite (AWMS) delivers operational efficiency for teams managing rapidly changing networks and supporting mobile users who connect via the wireless LAN as well as wired Ethernet ports.

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Aurba Wireless Reseller

LEVER are resellers of Aruba Wireless network equipment and highly-experienced Aruba Wireless installers. As a leading Aruba networks supplier, and with Internationally acclaimed credential in Enterprise-grade Wi-Fi networking, LEVER has the experience you need for a successful Aruba wireless network installation.

Aruba Wireless Consultant

LEVER are industry-leading Aruba network consultants, delivering independent and authoritative advice on Aruba wireless network planning and design; wireless site survey for Aruba wireless networks; wireless health check for Aruba networks; and troubleshooting for Aruba wireless network optimisation.

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