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Ekahau Site Survey

Ekahau Site Survey Professional (ESS)
from LEVER Technology Group

Ekahau UK Site Survey Reseller

Ekahau Site Survey Professional - for Professional Wi-Fi network Planning, Design, Site Survey and Reporting

Professional Wi-Fi Network Design and Site Survey are vital pre-requisites of any new Wi-Fi network deployment ..

Any failure in Design, Survey or Optimisation increases CAPEX and OPEX - and usually results in a sub-optimal Wi-Fi network that is often not fit for purpose

Ekahau Site Survey Professional

Ekahau Site SurveyEkahau Site Survey Professional (ESS) is the industry-leading Site Survey software for 802.11 WiFi wireless LANs, with powerful map visualisation capability. With Ekahau Site Survey you can quickly and accurately record, visualise, analyse, optimise, and report the performance of 802.11a/b/g/n Wireless networks.

Ekahau Site Survey Professional enables you to plan networks off-site, and later improve your network plan with real site survey measurements, and vice versa.

Get the low-down on Ekahau Site Survey Professional from the leading UK reseller partner LEVER Technology Group PLC for value added sales, training and support in the UK.

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Ekahau Site Survey News

Ekahau Wi-Fi Capacity Tools - Planning Wi-Fi Networks for Tablets and Smartphones

Ekahau Site Survey Wi-Fi Capacity PlanningUnlike certain other Wi-Fi network Planning and Design tools, the latest version of Ekahau Site Survey (ESS) features advanced WiFi network Capacity Planning. ESS helps you perform Wi-Fi capacity planning based on your Wi-Fi client devices and the applications that you will run on them. Wi-Fi capacity planning is essential for today's networks where a growing number of Wi-Fi enabled laptops, smartphones and tablet devices require increasing network capacity for applications like photo sharing and cloud backup.

When designing a Wi-Fi network for data, voice or RTLS, to support greater numbers of wireless devices, ESS displays areas of sufficient and insufficient capacity.

ESS also provides troubleshooting analysis by showing, for example, the number of associated clients per access point and displaying areas where too many voice calls would be placed simultaneously - causing degradation in voice call quality.

Commenting on Ekahau Site Survey’s capabilities, Ian Lever, Technical Director of LEVER Technology Group PLC said:

"Wi-Fi network Planners and Designers must now design Wi-Fi networks to deliver Capacity -- not just RF coverage in terms of signal strength and SNR."

"This is a vital part of all new WiFi network deployments .. yet it is a process that most Wi-Fi network designers fail to perform adequately - if at all."

"We see the consequences every week - with organisations deploying expensive Wi-Fi networks that, when tested by users, are simply not fit for purpose."

"The latest version of Ekahau Site Survey, combined with expert guidance from LEVER, enables Wi-Fi Planners and Designers to ensure that their Corporate networks are capable of handling the capacity demands of their users - and more."

"Where organisations will be deploying Voice over WiFi, Multimedia streaming for Tablet devices, Wireless Positioning, Real-Time Location Services, Barcode Scanning, RFID or any critical application over a wireless network, they really should seek advice from LEVER."

"It costs nothing to ask!"

Ekahau Site Survey Key Features

    Ekahau Site Survey Planner
  • Full support for 802.11n networks, as well as 802.11a/b/g/h networks.
  • Off-site / Desktop 3D WiFi network Planning and Design.*
  • Hybrid WiFi Site Surveys: Simultaneous passive and active WiFi surveys.
  • GPS assisted automated outdoor site surveys.*
  • Spectrum Analysis detects and locates sources of RF interference to Wi-Fi networks.^
  • Powerful analysis, troubleshooting and optimisation tool for WiFi networks.
  • Network expansion planning - combines WiFi network Modelling and Simulation with real WiFi network site survey data for Planning and Design.*
  • Comprehensive, automated, customisable WiFi site survey report generation.*
  • Ekahau Site Survey Pro
  • Integration with Ekahau Real-Time Location Tracking System (Ekahau RTLS)
  • Integration with Cisco Cisco Prime (v5.1+) and Avaya WMS (8100).
  • Integrates with Ekahau Mobile Survey, the Wi-Fi tool for smartphones and tablets.
  • Comprehensive tools for RTLS network planning and accuracy analysis.
  • English, German and Japanese language versions of ESS available.

Key: * = Available in Ekahau Site Survey Professional version only. All other features available in Standard and Professional versions
^ = Available when Ekahau DBx Spectrum Analyser used.

Ekahau Site Survey and RF Visualisation

Ekehau Site SurveyWith proper WiFi Site Survey training, Surveying and Visualising a Wi-Fi network can be quick and accurate with Ekahau Site Survey. For example, performing a site survey for a 11,000 square ft (1,000 m2) office can take less than 10 minutes.

Ekahau Site Survey Professional delivers powerful Wi-Fi WLAN survey capabiluities, including:

  • Powerful Visualisations and Analysis
  • With Ekahau Site Survey you can visualise and analyse all Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g, 802.11n and 802.11ac WiFi network attributes, including Signal Strength, Data Rate, Access Point locations (friendly and rogue APs), optimised access point locations, Interference, Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR), Channel Overlap, etc.

  • Planning and Optimisation based on real site survey
    Determine the optimum Access Point locations and RF Channel allocations for minimum Interference. Locate areas with overlapping channel interference and simulate how network settings affect to performance.

  • Security
    Locate and accurately pinpoint rogue access points and visualise the distance of RF leak coverage outside your building.

  • Ekahau Site Survey Professional's WiFi network Planning mode enables you to Design a WiFi network using software simulation and to Model its performance - with lots of "What If?" flexibility.

Desktop Site Survey

Ekahau Site SurveyUsing Ekahau Site Survey Professional's WiFi network Planner capabilies, you can perform "Desktop Site Survey" - simulating and modelling the performance of a WiFi network, and making WiFi coverage predictions using software simulation. Use Ekahau Planner to Design your wireless network on your computer screen, off-site, prior to installing any Wi-Fi infrastructure; you can also verify and improve your network design by performing a real physical on-site WiFi survey using Ekahau Site Survey to record RF measurementsand visulalise the actual Physical RF network performance.

The Ekahau Site Survey's Standard reporting and Templated reports allows you to generate visual and highly-customisable WiFi network coverage and performance reports for your entire network, including all visualised Wi-Fi characteristics such as WiFi Signal Strengthin dBm, Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR in dB), Data Rates (Mbps), Access Point Count and much more.

Ekahau Site Survey enables you to audit and store access point locations on your site map, and generate visual outdoor coverage reports - especially easy when using GPS.

Outdoor Wireless Survey

Ekahau Outdoor WiFi SurveyOutdoor wireless site survey can be performed quickly and thanks to Ekahau Sute Survey GPS support.

Outdoor WiFi coverage survey using Ekahau Site Survey in Planning mode does require specialist knowledge and the use of undocumented techniques. Here at LEVER, our teams of engineers perform state-of-the-art WiFi network design and in-depth WiFi site survey every day. When you buy Ekahau Site Survey from LEVER, you get technical support from one of the World's most experienced WiFi site survey teams and a a leading WiFi network design company.

Far more than any on-line store, and unlike any other Ekahau reseller, LEVER can provide full assistance with your indoor our outdoor Wi-Fi network design and survey.

Want to know which is bets - AirMagnet Survey or Ekahau Site Survey? Want to compare AirMagnet Survey versus AirMagnet Planner? Tomaosoft Tamograph versus VisiWave Site Survey, versus Motorola LANPlanner? Or Motorola Enterprise Planner; Motorola SiteScanner Software, Aerohive Planner, RF3D Planner, Cisco Cisco Prime (Wireless Control System) and just about any other Wi-Fi Planning, Design or Survey tool.

Buy Ekahau Site Survey UK

To buy Ekahau Site Survey in the UK, contact LEVER's UK Ekahau sales team on 0800 138 3030
or +44 (0)113 398 3300 (International) or e-mail:

Contact us for free advice on Ekahau Site Survey.

Review Ekahau Site Survey

Ekahau Site Survey ReviewWhy do professional Wi-Fi network installers and surveyors use Ekahau Site Survey instead of AirMagnet Survey?

Get LEVER's reviews of Ekahau products and solutions via our enquiry form.

Find out whether Ekahau Site Survey is the best WiFi site survey tool for you, or whether other WiFi site survey tools would meet your needs better.

We will help you to evaluate and compare Ekahau Site Survey with our reviews of Wi-Fi site survey tools - including AirMagnet Survey, AirMagnet Planner, Motorola LANPlanner, Motorola Enterprise Planner, Motorola SiteScanner Software, RF3D Planner, VisiWave Site Survey, Cisco Prime NCS, Aerohive Planner and just about any other Wi-Fi Planning, Design or Survey tool.

Price Ekahau UK and Europe

Ask for best pricing on Ekahau products via our enquiry form. Or call free on 0800 138 3030 (UK) or +44 (0)113 398 3300 (International).

Ekahau Resellers

LEVER are experienced, value-added resellers of Ekahau products, including Ekahau Wi-Fi RTLS, Ekahau Infection Control and Ekahau HeatMapper - Ekahau's free Wi-Fi coverage mapping site survey tool. As a leading Ekahau supplier, and the World's first and only CWNP GOLD Partner, LEVER has the experience you need to ensure the best experience with Ekahau products and solutions.

Ekahau Consultants

LEVER are industry-leading Ekahau consultants, delivering independent and authoritative advice on Ekahau solution Planning and Design; wireless Site Survey using Ekahau Site Survey, Wireless Healthcare solutions using Ekahau WiFi RTLS and Ekahau Infection Control, Ekahau T301BD location-enabled staff badges, Ekahau beacons, GOJO SmartLink Series Dispensers and much more; optimisation and troubleshooting of Ekahau RTLS location systems.

Our skills in wireless network Survey, Analysis, Diagnosis and Remdiation are unrivalled.

Contact LEVER now for free, independent advice on all Ekahau products.

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