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Meru Wireless Networks

Meru Wireless Networks from LEVER

Meru wireless networks from LEVER deliver industry-leading wireless Mobility, Performance, Capacity and Security - based upon the unique Meru Virtual Cell architecture

Contact LEVER first for independent advice and best pricing on Meru Networks wireless products.

Meru Wireless - How is it Different?

Achieving reliable wireless network performance - with sufficient capacity for your wireless applications - requires expert WLAN design.

Meru Networks Virtual Cell Architecture, however, is revolutionary.

Meru wireless networks for education provide teachers and students with reliable wireless coverage for email and Internet access, and for high-bandwidth classroom applications too. Portable wireless for schools becomes easy with a Meru wireless network.

Meru wireless networks operate completely differently from most other WLAN vendors' product ranges, including Cisco, Aruba, Trapeze, Motorola, HP, Ruckus, Xirrus and others.

Meru Virtual Cell Architecture

Meru Networks have re-engineered how Wi-Fi service is delivered, and yet they have remained entirely compliant with the IEEE 802.11a/b/g/h/n standards.

Meru's Virtual Cell Architecture typically makes wireless application delivery far easier than with other WLAN products, especially in more challenging environments.

How does Meru Virtual Cell wireless Work?

Meru Virtual Cell wireless networks work fundamentally differently to other WiFi network vendors.

Meru Virtual Cell features include:

    Meru Wireless Virtual Cell
  • Single Channel operation - all Meru Access Points operate on the same RF channel. For example, you might deploy a Meru Wi-Fi network with all Meru APs operating on the 2.4GHz RF Channel 1.
  • No need for RF channel planning - unlike other vendors, where the Multi-Channel Architecture is used, your Meru APs operate on one channel. No further WiFi channl planning is required.
  • Mutual interference within a Meru wireless LAN is all but eliminated. Meru's contention avoidance schemes prevent neighnbouring Meru APs - and wireless clients - from transmitting at the same time.
  • Meru Air Traffic Control (ATC) - implements the unique Media Access Control scheme used in Meru WiFi networks.
  • Provides more efficient contention management, enabling more users to be supported on each Meru access point.
  • Ensures fair distribution of airtime between wireless clients in a Meru network.
  • Provides over-the-air QoS with both uplink and downlink control over WLAN media access.
  • "Zero Delay Roaming", with zero latency and no observable network disconnects when wireless clients roam between Meru access points.
  • Client "roaming" between Meru APs is initiated by the Meru wireless controller, and not by the client.
  • Once a client is being serviced by a new AP, the client does not know that it has "roamed".
  • Wireless client "Roaming" in a Meru network usually occurs with zero packet loss - because wireless clients do not acutally perform an "802.11 roam" between Meru APs.

These unique features of Meru wireless networks can have a dramatic effect on the ease of WLAN Planning and Design, on Installation, and on the performance of the Meru network. Properly-implemented, Meru Wi-Fi networks deliver a better user experience - with bettwer network performance than other vendors, and lower cost of ownership.

Meru Channel Layering

Meru channel layering, also known as the channel blanket approach, is described as single-channel operation because each Virtual Cell - which comprises multiple Meru access points (often all of the Meru APs in the network) - requires only one RF channel in order to provide a seamless layer of WLAN coverage and service across an entire network.

With dual-radio Meru access points, your Meru WiFi network deployment uses at least two channels, usually one 2.4GHz channel and one 5GHz channel.

Because only one channel is needed for each Virtual Cell, other RF channels are left free for additional Virtual Cells - reserving capacity in each RF spectrum for network expansion as your demands increase.

Meru Networks Controllers

Meru Networks Controllers are the core of Meru's virtualised Wireless LANs, centralising access point managment and configuration, and synchronising access points to optimise network performance by avoiding mutual interference, and by managing traffic on the network.

Meru Networks Controller MC5000   Meru Networks Controller MC4200   Meru Networks Controller MC4100  
Meru Networks Controller MC3000   Meru Networks Controller MC4100  

Meru wireless controllers include:

  • Meru MC5000 Series Controller - supporting up to 1,500 access points and 20Gbps encrypted throughput, for large enterprises and branch offices.
  • Meru MC4200 Controller - supporting up to 500 access points and greater than 4Gbps encrypted throughput, for medium and large enterprise wireless deployments.
  • Meru MC4100 Controller - supporting up to 300 access points and 4Gbps encrypted throughput, for medium and large enterprise wireless deployments.
  • Meru MC3200 Controller - supporting up to 200 access points, for medium size enterprise wireless deployments.
  • Meru MC1500 Controller - Supporting 5 to 30 access points, for branch office and small to medium size wireless networks.

Supporting from five Meru APs to thousands of Meru access points, and with both chassis-based and appliance models available, Meru controllers can be centralised at an enterprise or distributed to data centers and branch offices.

Meru Networks Access Points

Meru Networks wireless access points include:
  • Meru AP1010i and Meru AP1020i 802.11a/b/g/n wireless access points;
  • Meru AP301, Meru AP302 and Meru AP302-TAA 802.11n access points with external antennas;
  • Meru AP310 single-radio AP, Meru AP311, Meru AP311-TAA, Meru AP320, Meru AP320TAA and Meru AP320i dual-radio 802.11n wireless access points;
  • Meru OAP180 rugged outdoor access point series;
  • Meru AP150 dual-radio, dual-band 802.11abg access point.

Meru access points are designed to support virtualised Wireless LANs – an architecture in which each client gets its own dedicated Virtual Port, offering the predictability and performance of switched Ethernet.

Meru Access Point iSeries AP320i   Meru Access Point iSeries AP1000   Meru Access Point AP300  

Meru 802.11n access points are Wi-Fi Certified and are available in single or dual radio models, with a scalable architecture.

Meru APs include the Meru AP150 - an entry-level AP for remote offices, with dual 802.11a and 802.11b/g radios.

Meru Remote AP150  

Meru access points also include the Meru Outdoor OAP180 with dual 802.11a/b/g radios and a rugged enclosure to resist rain and extreme temperatures.

Meru Outdoor Access Point OAP180  

Meru Virtual Cell Architecture

In a Meru wireless network that has been correctly designed and installed, customers who require more coverage - or greater network capacity - can simply plug in additional Meru APs.

This tremendous simplification of network expansion is possible in Meru WiFi networks because Meru's Virtual Cell architecture eliminates co-channel interference.

All of Meru's access points perform the dual roles of both Access Point and Scanner for security and management purposes. Meru WiFi access points are engineered specifically to avoid the sometimes costly and complex overlay networks needed in other architectures, whilst providing high throughput and security.

Meru Networks Appliances

The Meru Services Appliance family is an intelligent and extensible platform for the Meru E(z)RF™ Application Suite, which provides a set of applications for comprehensive management of 802.11 networks. The Meru Secure Gateway appliance is designed for organisations that need to ensure the highest level of security for their wireless systems.

Meru Services Appliance SA1000   Meru Services Appliance SA200  

The Meru SA1000 supports up to 250x Meru MC1000 and higher controllers and thousands of Meru access points. The Meru SA200 supports up to 10 Meru MC1000 and higher controllers and up to 500 Meru access points.

The Meru SG1000 Services Appliance is designed for enterprises requiring FIPS 140-2 compliance. The Meru SG1000 delivers FIPS 140-2 security, supporting AES 128, 192, and 256 encryption; and up to 4 Gbps encrypted throughput.

Meru Services Appliance SG1000  

Meru Networks System Director

The Meru System Director operating system runs on all Meru controllers and access points, implementing its advanced virtualised Wireless LAN technology. It provides the seamless roaming, quality of service, high availability, and advance security that customers have come to expect from a Meru network.

As an operating system, Meru's System Director is designed to run other applications that enhance its feature set, to deal with the specific requirements of wireless enterprise networks. Each application module is fully integrated with System Director, taking advantage of its unique low-level control over the radio frequencies to enhance end user experience in a Meru network.

Meru Networks Service Assurance Management Suite

Traditional wireless environments can prove challenging for IT staff to manage. The Meru Service Assurance Management Suite has been designed to help you identify and eliminate issues before users experience their application-disrupting affects. This can significantly reduce calls to the IT Help Desk, and lower the operational costs of a Wi-Fi network.

The Service Assurance Management Suite uses information provided by Meru's virtualised wireless LAN architecture to allow you to review what has happened, what is happening, and what may happen over the air and on your wired network.

The management applications available include; Service Assurance Manager; E(z)RF Network Manager; E(z)RF Location Manager; E(z)RF On The Go; Spectrum Manager; Wired/Wireless Management; Security & Compliance.

Properly-deployed, the Meru Service Assurance Management Suite can reduce and even eliminate the need to add staff for wireless LAN management.

Review Meru Wireless

Get LEVER's reviews of Meru Wireless Networks products and solutions via our enquiry form.

Find out whether Meru Virtual Cell and Meru Virtual Port technologies can deliver greater wireless network capacity, simplified network planning and easier wireless network upgrades for your network deployment.

We will help you to evaluate and compare Meru wireless with Cisco, Aruba, Trapeze, Extricom, Ruckus and other WiFi network vendors - offering you impartial advice and guidance on how to select the best WLAN vendor for your wireless network deployment.

Price Meru Wireless

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LEVER have unmatched capabilities in Meru wireless network deployment - and we provide competitive pricing on all Meru products.

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Meru Wireless Networks Resellers

LEVER are a leading UK Meru Wireless Networks Partner - a value-added reseller of Meru wireless network equipment and an experienced Meru network installer. As a leading Meru Networks supplier, and the World's only CWNP GOLD Partner, LEVER has the experience you need for a successful Meru wireless network deployment.

Meru Wireless Consultants

LEVER are industry-leading Meru wireless network consultants, delivering independent and authoritative advice on Meru wireless network Planning and Design; wireless Site Survey for Meru wireless networks; Wireless Health Checks for Meru Networks installations; optimisation and troubleshooting for Meru wireless networks.

Our skills in Meru wireless network Survey, Analysis, Diagnosis and Remdiation are unrivalled.

Contact LEVER now for free, independent advice on your Meru wireless network deployment.

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