Motorola Canopy Wireless Solutions from LEVER

Motorola canopy outdoor wirelessSince 2005, LEVER Wireless have gained extensive experience with the Motorola Canopy and PTP product ranges in many different outdoor situations.

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PMP 100 Series Wireless Broadband Access Network

Motorola Canopy PMP 100 High-performance broadband technology: Motorola Wireless Broadband Point-to-Multipoint PMP 100 series can be used to develop, enhance and extend advanced broadband networks and services - to deliver Internet access, voice over IP, video services and security surveillance reliably and cost-effectively.

Motorola Wireless Broadband technology combines field-proven toughness with exceptional performance, security, ease-of-use and cost effectiveness. Modules are available with total throughputs up to 14 Mbps for data, video and voice applications. Available in frequencies from 900 MHz to 5 GHz, with an array of options and accessories, PMP 100 series systems from LEVER can help make your wireless deployment a success.

PMP 400 Series Wireless Broadband Access Network - Canopy® Advantage™ Platform

Motorola Canopy PMP 400 Reach distant users with near Line-of-Sight and Non-Line-of-Sight point-to-multipoint network solutions: This series of Access Points and Subscriber Modules provides enterprises, municipalities and service providers with a powerful, cost-effective solution for reaching previously unreachable users and subscribers.

The PMP 400 series is designed to work in dense urban environments with tall buildings; suburban and rural environments with dense foliage; and other obstructions in many different type of environment.

PMP 500 Series Wireless Broadband Access Network Platform

Motorola Canopy PMP 500 3.5 GHz licensed OFDM Solutions that provide cost-effective, reliable connectivity for outdoor fixed applications: 3.5 GHz license holders can deploy proven, reliable OFDM based wireless access networks that support data transfer, video surveillance and voice applications. The 500 Series is a fixed, outdoor high throughput wireless solution that is easy to install and very cost effective. Now available in Europe, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East, 3.5 GHz license holders have a cost effective, reliable option for fixed, outdoor Wireless Broadband Access Networks.

Expedience Base Station

Motorola Expedience Base Station Motorola's Expedience Base Station delivers flexible, high-speed connectivity for fixed and nomadic wireless broadband access.

Expedience® Residential Subscriber Unit

Motorola Canopy Expedience Residential Subscriber Unit High performance plug & play desktop modem: Motorola's Expedience® Residential Subscriber Unit is a high performance, broadband wireless access modem for indoor applications. It is a true Non Line-of-Sight (NLOS) Plug & Play Ethernet device, requiring no drivers to be added to the subscriber's computer. The RSU incorporates automatic adaptive modulation for increased throughput and network capacity. Users are connected in seconds, enjoying broadband speeds at indoor locations throughout the entire system's coverage area. The unit functions as an Ethernet bridge (Layer 2) device, and is ideal for single host or SOHO LAN applications interfacing a standard Ethernet 10base-T RJ-45 connector.

Expedience® Compact OSU

Motorola Compact OSU Environmentally-hardened for permanent outdoor installation: High performance NLOS outdoor solution for wireless broadband access, Motorola's Expedience Compact Outdoor Subscriber Unit is an environmentally-hardened broadband wireless access modem intended for business applications, where a permanent mount install is required for physical security. It is a true Plug & Play Ethernet device that is well suited for extended range coverage, and requires absolutely no drivers to be added to the subscriber's computer. The Compact OSU incorporates automatic adaptive modulation for increased throughput and network capacity.

One Point Wireless Manager

Motorola Compact One Point Wireless Manaager Unified wireless network management with embedded Google map interface, designed to enable you to achieve better uptime through better visibility: The Motorola One Point Wireless Manager is a powerful, flexible and scalable wireless network management tool.

Its map-based visualisation capabilities use embedded Google maps, and combine with advanced configuration, provisioning, alerting and reporting features that network managers need to holistically control the network’s Mesh Wide Area Networks and WLAN access layer, Point-to-Multipoint distribution layer and Point-to-Point backhaul layer. Wireless Manager features one-click access to the RF Management Suite for WLAN management down to the access point level. This helps operators more quickly localise, diagnose and correct network issues, improving network performance and availability.