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Nomadix Internet Access Gateways

Nomadix reseller ukNomadix gateways provide the advanced functionality required for reliable, trouble-free public internet access networks, WiFi hotspots, visitor based networks, hospitality, Public Access Service Operators (PASOs), with mobile computing and BYOD - to support smart mobile devices like smartphones, tablet devices, laptops, iPads and iPhones.

Nomadix gateways are a critical part of public access networks operated by companies such as Best Western, Hilton, Marriott, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Starwood and more.

Nomadix Service Engine (NSE)

The Nomadix Service Engine (NSE) addresses the key issues of customer acquisition, provisioning, security and revenue generation faced by Public Access Service Operators (PASO), System Integrators and venue owners when deploying fixed line and WiFi public access networks. The NSE also removes the barriers encountered by end users accessing these networks by providing a Zero Configuration experience when accessing the service.

Nomadix offers a full range of access gateways which are powered by the Nomadix Service Engine (NSE) software. Optional NSE Modules and User Configuration upgrades are also available.

Nomadix Access Gateway Range

Nomadix offer a range of gateway products, designed to meet the different levels of scale and funcationality required in Internet Hotspot and other public Internet access settings.

From the smallest single cell HotSpot to a large multi-cell location supporting thousands of users, Nomadix has the right access gateway to fit your deployment needs:

Nomadix AG 2300The Nomadix AG 2300 is a new, cost-effective platform designed for Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) public access locations. The Nomadix AG2300 is well-suited for small public venues including hotspots, cafes, small hotels and guest houses. The AG 2300 enables the deployment of wired or wireless networks supporting up to 100 to 200 simultaneous users.

Nomadix AG 5600The Nomadix AG 5600 is a high performance platform capable of supporting up to 2000 simultaneous users with Gigabit ethernet support for high bandwidth usage. The Nomadix AG5600 is designed for deployment in large venues such as hotels, airports, and convention centers.

Nomadix AG 5800The Nomadix AG 5800 is designed to deliver high performance and scalability. The Nomadix AG5800 will support new NSE features with increased high-speed computational intensity. The Nomadix AG5800 is designed for deployment from mid to large venues with easy device user count scalability.

Nomadix NITOThe Nomadix Internet Traffic Optimizer (NITO) is a powerful, high speed and cost-effective appliance designed to give you more from your existing bandwidth. By enabling IT managers to access and review traffic patterns and content usage, the NITO offers visibility and insight for intelligent bandwidth management and allocation. Nomadix NITO’s web content filtering and network security also work to protect your network and users.

The Nomadix AG 5600 Metro Gateway is ideally suited for deployment in Metropolitan HotZones. The AG 5600 Metro Gateway supports up to 4,000 concurrent users and offers Nomadix Service Engine™ (NSE) Modules to further enhance the service offering:

The Nomadix High-Availability Module provides enhanced network uptime and service availability by providing Fail-Over functionality, allowing a secondary Nomadix access gateway to take over if the primary device fails.

The Nomadix advantage lies in the company's long track record in Internet Access Gateway development, along with patented technologies, running a real-time operating system. Nomadix access gateways are dedicated network appliances that provide superior scalability and reliability over competitive solutions that are server-based or run on operating systems susceptible to virus attacks.

Nomadix Service Engine (NSE)

The NSE software consists of an extensive patent and patent-pending portfolio of intellectual property covering more than 15 unique areas of functionality needed to successfully deploy public access networks.

By placing an NSE-enabled device in the HotSpot or HotZone, the provider can deploy a cost effective service - from a CAPEX / OPEX perspective while keeping the edge of the network secure and maximising multiple revenue streams through a variety billing, wholesale and roaming capabilities.

The NSE provides the following key benefits:

For Service Providers:

  • Deploy a unified service offering across any size and type of HotSpot or HotZone
  • Maximise multiple revenue streams from service creation, applications, roaming or by wholesaling WiFi service to other providers
  • Get maximum flexibility out of your deployments by supporting the widest range of authentication, billing and roaming options

For HotSpot Owners:

  • Take advantage of a variety of deployment options from basic self installation to purchasing wholesale WiFi service from a retail provider
  • Enhance your customer retention by offering Internet access at your venue
  • Augment your branding and venue-specific services or offer access to localised content
  • Accept the widest variety of roaming users at the location with limited infrastructure investment

For End Users:

  • Get access to the internet from a fast growing network of HotSpot locations
  • Get a problem-free connection to the service with Zero Configuration changes
  • Gain access to local content and applications as part of an advanced service offering
  • Pay for services using a variety of mechanisms including credit card, scratch card or by signing up for a subscription-based service.

Public Internet Access Solutions

LEVER are industry-leading Mobile and Wireless consultants, delivering independent and authoritative advice on Wireless Public Internet Access Solutions and much more.

Our skills in wireless network solution engineering and Public Internet access solutions are unrivalled.

LEVER have the expertise to engineer solutions that support Hotspot 2.0 (HS 2.0) functionality, IEEE 802.11u, WISPr 2.0, seamless roaming, Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA)-compatible networks, Next Generation Hotspots (NGH), Cisco Wi-Fi Carrier Solution, WiFi hotspots supporting GSM Association (GSMA) 3G/4G offload, authentication using EAP-SIM, EAP-AKA, EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS, EAP-FAST in WiFi and cellular environments.

Contact LEVER now for free, independent advice on all aspect of Mobile and Wireless deployments; and ask how we compare Nomadix Gateways vs Cisco Network Admission Control (NAC) Appliance, and compare Nomadix Internet Access Gateways vs Cisco Network Admission Control Guest Server.

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