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Ruckus SmartCell HetNet, WiFi Offload and Backhaul

The Ruckus SmartCell range includes two products: a multi-radio access point - the SmartCell 8800 / 8870, and a Heterogeneous Network (HetNet) edge services platform - the SmartCell 200 gateway.

The Ruckus small cell products feature a card slot for a 3G/UMTS card or for an LTE card, with 5GHz backhaul.

By collocating Wi-Fi access points with LTE small cells, Ruckus believe that operators can save on cost and complexity, share site-leasing agreements and Wi-Fi backhaul - both to add capacity and to offload traffic from the 3G/4G network.

SmartCell integrates with existing 3GPP and LTE macro infrastructure and includes authentication through IEEE 802.1x, as well as billing and service provisioning software. SmartCell uses self-organising network (SON) principles to backhaul potentially a large amount of traffic from small cells, even with little to no line-of-site path in the backhaul link.

Ruckus SmartCell Gateway 200: Wireless Edge Services 3G (UMTS) / 4G (LTE) Offload Gateway

Specially designed for mobile service providers, the SmartCell Gateway 200 (SCG-200) is the industry’s first multi-function HetNet small cell gateway. Situated between the Wi-Fi network and the mobile core, the edge services platform integrates all the essential network element functions required for seamless Wi-Fi/mobile network integration and management, including:
  • Large Scale Access Point Controller
  • Wi-Fi Gateway
  • 3G/4G (UMTS/LTE) Offload Gateway
  • Automatic Client Provisioning

Large-Scale Access Point Controller

The SCG-200 offers the industry’s most scalable controller architecture, through a unique, dynamically scalable clustering model that maintains carrier-class availability and resiliency through active-active N+1 redundancy and hot-swappable components.

An SCG-200 cluster can support tens of thousands of Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi APs and millions of concurrent Wi-Fi subscribers, with an aggregate throughput of 1, 10 or 20Gbps per 2U of rack space.

The SCG’s carrier-class element management system (EMS) can be integrated into an operator’s central NMS via standard data exchange interfaces, providing feature-rich management of access points, such as RF management, load balancing, adaptive meshing and backhaul optimization.

Wi-Fi Gateway

Performing 3GPP WLAN access gateway (WAG) functions, the Ruckus SCG-200 interfaces with mobile core AAA systems for client authentication and policy setting.

Supporting a variety of client authentication methods such as 802.1x EAP-SIM/AKA, MAC address, and WISPr-based captive portal, the SCG-200 enables myriad hotspot and mobile Internet service models such as free, usage-based, ad-based, premium and wholesale services.

3G/4G Data-Offload Gateway

The Ruckus SCG-200 provides true mobile data offload functionality across both the control and data planes.

It supports multiple offload architecture options, such as the standard 3GPP I-WLAN approach based on IPsec and IKEv2, an innovative approach to PDG/TTG functionality based on 802.1x, GRE, and GTP (v1 and v2) as well as PMIP support. Traffic can be forwarded via:

  • Local breakout at the AP to offload the entire Wi-Fi data path from the gateway.
  • Secure tunnel from the AP to the gateway with local breakout at the gateway, to offload Wi-Fi traffic from the backhaul and the core network.
  • Various tunneling options to direct traffic from the data-offload gateway to forwarding gateways in the mobile core.

Automatic Client Provisioning

The SCG-200 implements automatic client provisioning technology, allowing popular client devices to be automatically configured for access upon service activation.

Subscribers no longer need to sign on explicitly every time they access hotspot services.

Contact LEVER for information and advice on the Ruckus SmartCell Gateway.

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