WCC Certified Wireless Network Manager™ (CWNM™) — a 5-day WiFi Network Management training course

The Official WCC Certified Wi-Fi Network Manager (CWNM)™ course

Prepare for Certitrek CWNA certification; get WCC-Certified, and get
the industry's most comprehensive training in Wi-Fi Network Engineering

WiFi Network Management Training Courses  The World's ONLY CWNP GOLD Partner
Course duration: 5 days

2 - 6 March 2020
8 - 12 June 2020
14 - 18 September 2020
7 - 11 December 2020
Course Price: £2995


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Your Course Includes

Official WCC Training and Reference Manuals (x2) - 500+ pages

Comprehensive, Wiley CWNA-107 Exam Study Guide - the Study Guide preferred by experienced Wi-Fi network engineers

On-line access to the WCC™ Test Prep Questions for the WCC™ CWNM™ and Certitrek CWNA®-107 exams

WCC-600 CWNM Theory Exam Voucher

WCC-610 CWNM Practical Exam Voucher

The World's leading 5-day Wi-Fi Network Engineer training course - supersedes LEVER's CWNA course

40 hours of Expert training from Europe's Leading Wi-Fi Engineer Training and Certification company

Unrivalled course content, full-colour courseware, exam-prep materials, hands-on labs, expert advice from the UK's leading Wi-Fi network engineering Company.

Lifetime Post-Training Support - to help you in your future career.

The course price includes examination vouchers for the WCC-600 and WCC-610 exams, which are valid for the period during which the course is attended.

Why this WiFi Network Management course?

This new, industry-leading Wi-Fi network engineering training course is the superior alternative to the Certitrek CWNA training course. This Official WCC™ course provides the industry's most advanced, cutting-edge training in 802.11 / Wi-Fi / WiGig Planning and Administration:

Train for real career progression in Wi-Fi Network Engineering with the World's leader in Enterprise Wi-Fi engineering and training.

* CWNP Learning Partner 2003 - 2016, and CWNP's FIRST and only GOLD Learning Partner 2009 - 2016.

** Your training package includes examination vouchers for the WCC-600 and WCC-610 exams, valid for the period in which you attend your course.

WiFi Network Management Training Course Objectives

On completing this course, you will be able to:

Who should attend this WiFi Network Management course

WiFi Network Management Course Pre-requisites

Prior to joining the course, students should meet the following pre-requisites:

WiFi Network Management Certification

This course provides the necessary training to help experienced IT professionals prepare for the WCC Certified Wi-Fi Network Manager® (CWNM) Certification Exams WCC-600 and WCC-610.

Hands-on Practicals

This market-leading Enterprise WiFi course incorporates extensive hands-on practical sessions:

Lifetime Post-Course Support

After completing this WiFi Network Management training course, delegates receive lifetime post-training support from LEVER Technology Group PLC, to help them apply the technologies and skills they have learned with us, to provide career-long support, and to ensure they are better equipped for their future roles in IT and networking.

WiFi Network Management Training Course Content

Day 1

Introduction to WLAN Standards

The Wireless Certification Commission

802.11 / Wi-Fi WLAN Hardware and Architectures

Power over Ethernet (PoE) in detail

Hands-on Practical assignments

Day 2

Understanding Radio Frequency (RF) Fundamentals

Understanding and Choosing Antennas

Understanding RF Maths

Hands-on Practical assignments

Day 3

RF Regulatory Domains

802.11 / Wi-Fi Protocol Operation

802.11 / Wi-Fi Protocol Analysis

Hands-on Practical assignments

Day 4

802.11 / Wi-Fi Operation In Detail

802.11n (HT) Amendments

802.11ac (VHT) Amendments

Overview of 802.11ax (HE)

Overview of 802.11 / Wi-Fi Network Design and Site Survey

Hands-on Practical assignments

Day 5

Practical Wi-Fi Network Design and Site Survey

Overview of 802.11 / Wi-Fi Security

Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Networks

WCC™ Certified Wireless Network Manager (CWNM™) Practical Exam WCC-610

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