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UNIX Training

UNIX training, Linux training, Solaris training, and UNIX e-learning.

UNIX training and free UNIX e-learning from the UK's leading independent systems and networks training company, LEVER Technolgy Group plc.

We deliver high value training for the real World. This, combined with our vendor-independent approach means that you learn to work with UNIX systems from a range of vendors, including Sun, IBM, Redhat and more, to acquire the practical skills that you really need to support UNIX systems in today's industries.

Our training can also help your staff prepare for Certification, if that's one of your objectives.

Why choose LEVER?

So why should you choose LEVER Technology Group plc for your Sun Solaris training, IBM AIX training or Linux training?

Firstly, we have more than fifteen years' experience training on UNIX systems from a wide range of manufacturers, including Sun, HP, IBM, SGI, Sequent, SCO and many more. We also work extensively with a range of Linux distributions, not just Red Hat Linux.

Secondly, we're Certified by not just one UNIX manufacturer but several different UNIX manufacturers to train on their systems.

Thirdly, our vendor independence and our total commitment to delivering exactly the training you need, means that we don't just deliver "standard" courses. We develop our own course material so that we can tailor our training to suit you.

This means you get more training for your money and your objectives are met fully, usually in fewer training days. What's more, there's no charge for our course tailoring service!

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