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VoiceXML Training

VoiceXML training (VXML) and VoiceXML consultancy from the telecoms and systems specialists, LEVER Technology Group PLC.

VXML (voice xml) is being promoted as the universal standard for speech-enabled Web applications.

Our VXML training includes seminars and power briefings that enable consultants, managers and IT decision makers to evaluate the significant commercial opportunities and business benefits that VoiceXML and related speech technologies such as SALT (Speech Application Language Tags) already allow.

We deliver hands-on practical VoiceXML (VXML) training for major corporates, allowing them to evaluate VXML and deploy VXML applications.

Related training in Voice over IP (VoIP) technologies including H.323, SIP and Megaco, also includes hands-on practical training using equipment from Cisco, Lucent and other vendors.

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