CWNE - Wi-Fi Network Analysis, Troubleshooting and Optimisation — a 3-day CWNE training course

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Course duration: 3 days

Course Price: £1495


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Why this CWNE course?

This industry-leading wireless LAN security course from LEVER Technology Group PLC provides a high-value, hands-on practical coverage of the most advanced subjects that Wi-Fi Network Experts need to understand, passing on the necessary skills for analysing, troubleshooting and managing wireless security in the Enterprise using advanced techniques from Europe's leaders in Wi-Fi network engineering.

Who should attend this CWNE course

CWNE Course Pre-requisites

Delegates should have acquired CWNA and CWSP certification prior to attending this course.

CWNE Certification

On successful completion of the LEVER CWNE course, delegates will be prepared for their CWNE Certification Exam (Exam #PW0-300).

Lifetime Post-Course Support

After completing this CWNE training course, delegates receive lifetime post-training support from LEVER Technology Group PLC, to help them apply the technologies and skills they have learned with us, to provide career-long support, and to ensure they are better equipped for their future roles in IT and networking.

CWNE Training Course Content

CWNE Course Topics Covered

802.11 Physical Layer Technologies

802.11 MAC Frames and Exchange Processes

802.11 Spectrum Management

802.11 QoS Terms and Features

WMM Certifications, Features, and Configuration

Designing Voice/Data Networks

802.11 Wireless LAN Protocol Analyser Use and Trace Interpretation

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