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VoIP Training Courses (UK)

Voice over IP and IP telephony technologies (H.323, SIP, MGCP, Megaco, CIPT, etc)

LEVER's market-leading Voice over IP training and IP telephony training curriculum provides a comprehensive, vendor-neutral coverage of Voice over IP and IP telephony.

Now in our sixth year, our IP telephony training courses combine comprehensive training content and expert training delivery with extensive hands-on practical labs and complete vendor-neutrality.

Why the need for VoIP Training in the UK?

VoIP standards, protocols and solutions have matured over the past six years or so to the point where VoIP systems can provide reliable, enterprise grade voice services, with feature sets that approach those of traditional PBX systems.

Organisations of all sizes are therefore now looking to deploy VoIP solutions, often to replace end-of-life PBX-based systems.

However, VoIP solutions are complex compared with traditional PBX offerings, with multiple standards, the need for QoS, security issues, traffic planning, monitoring and analysis issues to name but a few.

In addition, there are literally hundreds of vendors in the VoIP market, some offering complete VoIP solutions, many offering key components ranging from IP phones, through softswitches to media gateways, MCUs, SBCs, and network support tools including voice quality testers and data network analysers.

Successful VoIP implementations don't happen by accident

VoIP implementers and network managers need a complete understanding of enterprise-grade and carrier-grade VoIP offerings and solutions if they are to evaluate products, plan, design, implement, test and support VoIP solutions competently, avoiding disruptive and costly errors at each stage.

Only then will the potential business benefits of a VoIP solution be realised.

VoIP Training Courses (UK)

LEVER Technology Group PLC offer VoIP training at all levels, for individuals and organisations of all types. Two of our most popular VoIP courses are our 1-day "VoIP Overview" briefing, and our three-day hands-on practical "VoIP and IP Telephony Solutions" course.

LEVER have been at the forefront of VoIP training, with clients including major Telcos, Times 100 companies, enterprises, government departments and the military. Our training programmes are different because they are comprehensive, based on real-world experience through our implementation work, hands-on practical and vendor-neutral.

Hot Topics and major issues in VoIP for 2006

Hot issues for 2006 include multi-vendor VoIP solutions, Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWi-Fi), Open Source VoIP products, including Asterisk, call routing (ENUM, DUNDI), use of broadband-based VoIP services including Centrex, and VoIP security.

Who should receive training in VoIP?

In our experience, several groups of people really need to acquire new skills. This means data network, telecoms and IT security staff at a minimum all require specialist training. Most organisations assemble a dedicated team to manage their VoIP implementation, combining the necessary cross-section of skills.

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