Understanding Satellite Communications Systems — a 3-day VSAT training course

Understand Satellite Communications systems with this authoritative training course

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Course duration: 3 days

Course Price: £2195


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Why this VSAT course?

This unique, fast-track course enables individuals and organisations to understand satellite communication systems, technology, performance and trade-offs. It provides the capability to assess and evaluate VSAT systems for deployment into wide area network solutions. In just three days, this unique course from LEVER Technology Group plc provides an essential, fast-track coverage of VSAT systems design. Flexible small group teaching allows issues to be discussed and dealt with as appropriate to each delegate.

Who should attend this VSAT course

In addition, IT and communications decision makers wanting to evaluate VSAT products and networks will find this course invaluable.

VSAT Course Pre-requisites

Delegates should have some existing training or experience in telecommunications prior to attending this course, and be comfortable with simple numerical or analytical concepts in design.

Lifetime Post-Course Support

After completing this VSAT training course, delegates receive lifetime post-training support from LEVER Technology Group PLC, to help them apply the technologies and skills they have learned with us, to provide career-long support, and to ensure they are better equipped for their future roles in IT and networking.

VSAT Training Course Content

Intro & Overview of Satellite Systems & Services

Principles of Satellite Communications

Link Fundamentals

Antennas for Satcoms

Modulation & Coding

Satellite Access Techniques

Military VSAT systems

Intro to Data Protocols over Satellite

Satellite Engineering

Terminal Installation Considerations

Higher Frequency Bands Rationale

Link & Terminal Design

Further System Design Issues

Propagation in VSAT systems

Markets and Evolution of Satcoms

Digital Video Broadcast

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