Training Room and Conference Room Hire, Leeds, UK

Our state of the art training centre has been designed with the benefit of ten years' training experience across more than 50 training centres. The centre is always highly-reviewed both by delegates, and by visiting instructors.

If you're looking for managed training or learning services, or to eliminate your investment in underutilised classrooms by converting to a variable cost model, LEVER provide the ideal managed training facilities for hire in Leeds.

Today’s challenging economy creates uncertainty and difficult investment decisions for education providers. Fluctuating demand requires companies to quickly adjust to market conditions with training spikes and slumps. This has led many executives to review their expensive fixed costs associated with education facilities including leases, equipment, and personnel.

They have discovered that fixed cost classrooms are challenging to configure for different uses and these facilities drain precious capital and people. In response, learning organisations are focusing their energies on the high value components of content and instruction while outsourcing the facilities and logistics to LEVER.

As business rapidly moves to an on-demand resource model, forward-thinking organisations are turning to classroom outsourcing to take advantage of the principal of shared expertise, services, and cost.

Learning executives and Training Managers can now capitalise on this trend by employing LEVER to remove the risks associated with providing high-quality education, while aligning their costs with their revenue.

At LEVER, you only pay for what you use.

Contact us now on 0113 398 3300 or email to discuss your requirements for training rooms for hire in Leeds, Yorkshire, UK.

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