Why choose LEVER?
Here are ten reasons why you should choose LEVER for your next training project:
  1. The best training you will find. Our training is more comprehensive and more relevant: we deliver training that gives your staff the skills they need.

  2. We have a passion for training, and we set uncompromising standards in everything we do.

  3. Our training will cost you less. Making your budget go further, our unique approach to training always saves you money. Call free on 0800 138 3030 to find out how.

  4. Vendor-independence: this allows us to improve upon the training offered by the product vendors. We cover the products "warts and all", cut out the padding and hype, and often reveal better methodologies for working with the vendor's products.

  5. Industry-leading instructors: several other companies claim to have industry-leading instructors ... but we know the truth! Talk to us and find out exactly why we can rightly claim to be the best in what we do.

  6. Hands-on practical training: our instructors really get to the heart of the matter in our hands-on practical labs. We never deliver lecture-only training.

  7. Industry-leading courseware: our training manuals go way beyond the competition, and really set the standard. Our manuals are valuable sources of information designed for future use and reference.

  8. Superior training facilities: multi-media, air conditioning, corporate PCs, five star refreshments and lunches. Your team won't want to go anywhere else!

  9. Lifetime post-course support: this allows your delegates access to our trainers and consultants after the course, for any design or implementation questions they may have when working back at base.

  10. At LEVER, customer care is paramount. Our team will work with you at every stage, from initial enquiry, to course selection, training booking, joining instructions, attendance, post-course review and lifetime post-course support. In-depth Management Reports, including detailed skills assessments, course ratings and delegate feedback, are a standard feature of our corporate training programmes.

Beyond compare?
When comparing us with any other training company, ask:

  1. Do they have their own superior, purpose-built training facilities? Or do they use hotels?
  2. Do they write their own courses in-house? Or do contractors or Product Vendors do this?
  3. Does their list of courses compare with the wide range of subjects that LEVER authors in-house?
  4. Can they merge all of their courses into just one delivery, to reduce your training days spent, and also to meet your staff's cross-training needs?
  5. Ask to see a sample of their courseware. Then compare it with ours.
  6. Do they give you lifetime post-course training support? Or just a few months?
LEVER is the only company that can say yes to all of these important decision-making criteria, and more.

Our abilities really are unrivalled. To find our more, call free on:   0800 138 3030  or e-mail .