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Wi-Fi Buyers Guide - Supplier Checklist

Wi-Fi is Complex!

Wi-Fi is far from simple. If a potential supplier tells you otherwise, you should look for another supplier.

As just one illustration, LEVER's Wi-Fi Network Professional (WNP) training programme incorporates 5 courses 20 days of continuous training.

The majority of people - IT professionals and users alike - completely under-estimate the complexities of Wi-Fi networking.

As a result, few organisations have IT staff that are professionally trained or qualified in Wi-Fi technologies - and this includes the suppliers!

Yet many companies are hoping to exploit:

  • Secure Wi-Fi Hotspots for guest access to the Internet
  • Ubiquitous Wi-Fi coverage, supporting hot desking for staff
  • Voice over Wi-Fi (VoFi) - for flexible working and cost reduction
  • Completely Wireless Offices - saving on Cat5e / Cat6 cabling
  • Wi-Fi-based RFID and Real-Time Location Systems
  • Outdoor Mesh Wi-Fi networks - for campus and Metropolitan areas.

Delivering successful Wi-Fi networks is possible, but you have to cut through the hype, and truly understand the capabilities and limitations of Wi-Fi networks.

The Phases of a Wi-Fi Project

A properly-conducted Wi-Fi network deployment follows a multiple-phase project plan:

  1. Wireless Network Planning
  2. Wireless Product Vendor Selection
  3. Wireless Network Pre-Survey Design
  4. Radio Frequency (RF) Site Survey
  5. Production of Site Survey Report
  6. Consultation with the customer
  7. Purchase of Wireless Products
  8. Configuration, Staging and Testing
  9. Wireless Network Deployment
  10. Testing and Commissioning
  11. Post-Deployment Site Survey
  12. Network Documentation
  13. Training for IT Staff and Users
  14. Wireless Network Support Help Desk
  15. Final-Line Wireless Network Support Team
  16. Pro-Active Wireless Network Monitoring and Management

How Many Wi-Fi Networks are Fit for Purpose?

As independent consultants, we can see that today's network engineers lack the essential skills needed to Plan, Design, Survey, Implement, Secure and Support enterprise-grade Wi-Fi networks.

The consequences - which we see every week - are that many Wi-Fi networks being installed today are poorly designed and engineered.

We have seen countless examples of poor practice in terms of wireless network planning, design, survey, installation, configuration, support and troubleshooting.

Many are simply unfit for purpose.

It is unfortunately our firm opinion that the vast majority of companies that conduct wireless network site surveys and install wireless networks have totally inadequate knowledge, skills, tools and experience to perform these tasks competently.

Choosing the Right Supplier

So how do you choose a supplier that you know will deliver the optimised, cost-effective yet fully-functional Wi-Fi network that you require?

Here are some of the most important points to watch out for:

Item   Comment
Size counts for nothing

  You might think that a large and well-known IT supplier would have the staff with the skills needed to Plan, Survey and Deploy wireless networks to a high standard - especially if that company were a well-known Wireless product vendor.

Unfortunately, this is rarely the case.

LEVER are completely focussed on Wireless networks - it's our subject! - and we have skills that are unrivalled anywhere in the World.



Here are some of the most important qualifications to look for

Just 895 could save you Tens of Thousands ...

... from as little as 895, your staff can be trained in professional Wi-Fi network planning and design.

A more comprehensive Wi-Fi Network Professional training programme will enable your organisation to:

  • Ensure that your Wi-Fi network requirements are properly understood and defined.
  • Plan and Design your Wi-Fi network deployments professionally.
  • Evaluate the Wi-Fi products that they are offering.
  • Evaluate potential suppliers rigorously.
  • Evaluate and critique Wi-Fi network proposals from potential suppliers.
  • Significantly reduce the cost of your Wi-Fi network deployments.
  • Move forward confidently with your corporate Wi-Fi strategy.

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