WiMAX Forum® RF Network Engineer Boot Camp™ — a 4-day WiMAX Forum RF Design training course

The authoritative WiMAX Forum training course covering WiMAX RF Network Planning and Design

WiMAX Forum RF Design Training Courses  The World's ONLY CWNP GOLD Partner
Course duration: 4 days

Course Price: £1995


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Why this WiMAX Forum RF Design course?

This unique four-day WiMAX training course is the only WiMAX RF Network Design course available that is WiMAX Forum® authorised. The course provides the most authoritative WiMAX training available today for WiMAX RF network designers. This WiMAX course covers all of the necessary topics to prepare a technical staff for the WiMAX Network Engineer™ certification exam. WiMAX Forum® professional certification proves that you have the skills to design, install, or operate WiMAX networks. Stay competitive and improve your marketability with the WiMAX Forum® professional certification that matches your skills and interests.

The WiMAX Forum® RF Network Engineer Boot Camp is designed for technical staff who will be involved in planning a WiMAX deployment, and who need the technical skills to design a WiMAX network, balancing the requirements of service quality (including throughput and performance) with minimum capital and operations cost.

All WiMAX bootcamp training course attendees receive a comprehensive WiMAX course reference manual; WiMAX planning tools; and a demonstration copy of the EDX SignalPro® software tool, The course incorporates real-world WiMAX planning and design examples, WiMAX planning exercises and case studies.

Who should attend this WiMAX Forum RF Design course

WiMAX Forum RF Design Course Pre-requisites

Attendees should have prior technical experience working with a mobile or wireless technology prior to attending the course.

Hands-on Practicals

This WiMAX boot camp is structured as 50% tutorial content, and 50% hands-on exercises, illustrated with case studies. Through a special arrangement with EDX Wireless, a demonstration copy of the EDX SignalPro® software tool, including the Network Design Module, is provided to each student, and used for in-class exercises. You’ll have the experience of designing the RF network for a sample WiMAX-served community. Ten spreadsheet tools are provided to enhance hands-on experience. Bring your laptop, or arrange in advance for our staff to provide one for you.

Lifetime Post-Course Support

After completing this WiMAX Forum RF Design training course, delegates receive lifetime post-training support from LEVER Technology Group PLC, to help them apply the technologies and skills they have learned with us, to provide career-long support, and to ensure they are better equipped for their future roles in IT and networking.

WiMAX Forum RF Design Training Course Content

Module 1: WiMAX Network Design Options

Module 2: Review of RF Fundamentals

Module 3: Antennas for WiMAX

Module 4: RF Design Considerations for WiMAX

Module 5: Performing a WiMAX Link Budget

Module 6: WiMAX Path Loss Modeling

Module 7: Frequency Reuse in Fixed and Mobile WiMAX Networks

Module 8: WiMAX Performance and Coverage Considerations

Module 9: WiMAX Coverage and Performance Planning with modeling tools

Module 10: Capacity Design, and Oversubscription

End of day 4: In-class Certification Testing Opporunity

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