WLAN Troubleshooting for a Wireless ISP

Our client is a successful provider of pay-as-you-go voice and broadband Internet services via 802.11 WLANs. The company serves specific vertical market sectors, with some three years experience in the provision of wireless Internet services, and has a dedicated 24x7 support team.

The client had previously become increasingly concerned by a number of irresolvable problems at several of their wireless network installations.

Our WLAN troubleshooting team responded quickly and visited their most problematic location to perform a wireless network troubleshooting audit. Tools employed included 802.11 Wireless LAN analysers, Ekahau Site Survey (ESS), RF spectrum analysis and other diagnostic utilities. Our investigations also extended to the network topology, design and the physical network infrastructure.

Our findings and recommendations were reported and presented, revealing the existence of virtual Faraday cages in two of the buildings surveyed. This was the most severe multipath conditions that we have encountered. A range of RF design and implementation issues that needed to be resolved, and in effect the need for a replacement WLAN infrastructure due to the constraints of the (leading brand) WLAN hardware installed at those sites.

Our client now consults with us on best practice for future WLAN planning, design and implementation. We advise on IEEE 802.11 (Wi-Fi), 802.16 (WiMAX), Voice over IP and IPTV service delivery. A staff training program, comprising both public scheduled courses and bespoke one-company training sessions, was also created for the client.

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