Wireless Technologies
The wireless networking industry is hotting up ...   Our superfast briefing on wireless LANs cuts through the hype, examines the most essential issues and recommends the way to go with WLANs.

A range of wireless network products and services have recently become available, including IEEE 802.11 wireless LANs, Bluetooth, HomeRF and soon HiperLAN2.

Wireless network security is a major concern for all organisations as the insecurity of 802.11 Wi-Fi WLANs currently allows anyone outside your organisation access to your corporate data. We believe it is now essential for all organisations to incorporate regular Wireless network audits into their information security policy.

3G versus Wi-Fi
With the launch of 3's new UMTS service, mobile network operators offering GPRS, UMTS and iMode services are set to compete with emerging fixed broadband wireless ISP services from companies such as Boingo, BT, T-Mobile and many more.

We have already training one of the UK's leading hotspot providers in the deployment of 802.11 WLANs.

This leaves organisations of all types and sizes wondering which technologies they should adopt and how they should deploy them. Network operators too want to know how these wireless technologies compete with their current network offerings, and how new wireless services can be introduced.

Training in Wireless Technologies
LEVER Technology Group plc provide World-leading training in all wireless technologies, including 802.11 wireless LANs, Bluetooth, HiperLAN2, GSM, GPRS, UMTS, imode, IS-136, IS-95, TETRA, satellite communications and all aspects of wireless security, to some of the most prestigious clients in the World for wireless and security training, including the UK mobile operators, UK telcos, WLAN manufacturers, national security and defence organisations.

We offer enhanced Certified Wireless Network Professional (CWNP) Training, to enable you or your staff to achieve the all-new, vendor-neutral
Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA) qualification. This is an essential first step for all organisations employing wireless network technologies.

Our wireless training curriculum is the ideal way to get the in-depth awareness and positioning your company needs in mobile and wireless technologies.

Our curriculum caters for technical and non-technical people in all industries, with introductory and overview courses designed to give a fast appreciation of mobile and wireless technologies, through to engineer-level training for operators of mobile and wireless networks.

Being Vendor-Independent communications industry specialists, we are ideally positioned to advise impartially on all aspects of wireless technology. This is just one of the reasons why our client list features the most prestigious names in mobile and wireless technology.

WLAN Training and CWNE Certification
LEVER Technology Group PLC are the first-to-market in the UK with a complete and unique line-up of 802.11 training courses that fully meet the requirements of organisations wanting to deploy secure 802.11-based WLANs. Our curriculum includes:

We have a short feature article on Bluetooth technology, that looks at the applications for Bluetooth, comparisons with other wireless technologies, and issues you must consider when assessing or adopting adopting Bluetooth.

Our line-up of courses in Bluetooth includes an Overview of Bluetooth and Understanding Bluetooth Technology. Sample training notes are available on-line. New courses in Wireless technologies are also close to completion.

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