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Wireless for the Health Sector

LEVER specialise in providing wireless healthcare solutions that enable doctors, nurses
and other health sector professional wireless access to medical IT systems

Our wireless networks for the health sector also provide patients and visitors secure wireless access to Internet services.

Wireless health sector solutions from LEVER deliver superior wireless network coverage and reliability for wireless laptops, PDAs and wireless VoIP phones, along with advanced services such as Voice over WLAN (VoWLAN) for health workers and WiFi-based wireless location tracking or RFID in hospitals and other medical facilities.

LEVER supply wireless solutions designed specifically for the health sector, including Voice over WiFi solutions from Vocera, Cisco and Polycom (Spectralink), Snom, Siemens and more; Real-time Wi-Fi location tracking systems from AeroScout and Ekahau for real-time Location, Status and Condition information on Assets, patients and staff throughout a hospital.

AeroScout RFID for Hospitals and Healthcare

Healthcare asset tracking and management solutions enable materials managers, nurses, distribution and transport services to reduce over-purchasing and rental costs; improve efficiency by reducing search times and wait times for equipment; increase equipment utilisation; automate inventory management; and reduce equipment loss.

AeroScout MobileViewAeroScout MobileView is a full-featured visibility application that integrates enterprise visibility data, allowing users to track and manage assets, alert based on business rules and integrate with existing 3rd-party applications.

The AeroScout Engine software - and other RTLS, auto-ID and sensor technologies - provide accurate location determination and visibility data. AeroScout Exciters and Location Receivers are also valuable components that are used to improve the wireless visibility of assets in your hospital.

AeroScout Tags

AeroScout tagsAeroScout Tags are Wi-Fi RFID tags that enable wireless asset tracking.

AeroScout's Wi-Fi Tags are small, battery-powered wireless devices which can be attached to an asset, or worn by personnel, to allow them to be accurately located and tracked within the facilities.

AeroScout tags use standard Wi-Fi networks to track high-value assets and people in real time, in any environment from tight indoor locations such as hospitals and manufacturing floors, to open outdoor locations such as car parks, airports, docks and container shipping yards.

AeroScout's unique WiFi RFID technology extends the capabilities of existing Wi-Fi networks to new applications that can increase enterprise efficiency and productivity.

AeroScout tags feature long battery life, can incorporate sensors - such as for motion and temperature, call buttons, telemetry, choke point functionality, indoor and outdoor operation, intrinsically safe versions and flexible mounting options.

Is your Wi-Fi Network Fit for Location?

Above all, it is vital that your wireless network infrastructure is expertly-designed with wireless location and asset tracking in mind at the outset. The number, location, type and configuration of each and every one of your Wi-Fi access points affects location tracking accuracy.

Contact LEVER now for Expert advice and competitive pricing on wireless healthcare networks and solutions.

Wireless Suppliers to the UK Health Sector, NHS and Hospitals

LEVER are acknowledged experts in wireless network for the Health Sector, providing specialist wireless consultancy for hospitals, health care facilities and the NHS. Our unrivalled position in the UK wireless industry guarantess the success of your wireless deployment.

Contact us with your requirements via our enquiry form or call free on 0800 138 3030 (UK) / +44 (0)113 398 3300 (International).

Review Wireless Healthcare Products

LEVER's expertise in wireless networks for healthcare applications is extensive - and will guarantee the reliability and performance that are essential for staff productivity.

Our multi-vendor capabilities, combined with our advanced wireless planning, design and survey techniques for hospitals, ensures the lowest purchase and operating costs.

For our independent reviews of wireless vendors for the health sector, please contact us via our enquiry form.

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