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Wireless Mesh Networks

Wireless Mesh Networks from LEVER deliver industry-leading Flexibility, Mobility, wireless Coverage and Security in both Indoor and Outdoor wireless Mesh applications

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Meraki Wireless Mesh Networks

Meraki wireless meshMeraki has developed an innovative range products that deliver Enterprise-class functionality and performance for networks of any size. Since 2007, LEVER Wireless have gained extensive experience with the Meraki product range in both indoor and outdoor deployments.

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Easy to Deploy & Manage - Meraki networks can be up and running in hours or days, not weeks or months.
Disruptively Low Cost - Merakiís cloud-based approach shrinks your initial investment and total cost of ownership.
Proven Worldwide - Millions of users on over 10,000 networks across more than 130 countries use Meraki.
Simple to Scale - With no hardware controllers to deploy, Meraki networks can scale to grow with you easily.
Robust Security - Merakiís industry-leading security features protect your networks and thwart intrusions.

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Meraki MR58

Meraki MR58 Wireless Access Point

A state of the art, high-performance device

Deployed in a mesh with other MR58s, or as a system with other Meraki devices, the Meraki MR58 can extend Wi-Fi coverage across campuses, cities, or other large outdoor areas for a fraction of the cost of traditional infrastructure. The MR58 can also be used to create long distance mesh links as far as 20 km with optional antennas. Designed for rugged deployments in outdoor or industrial settings, the MR58 is also the right solution for large indoor areas with heavy demand for bandwidth.


Meraki MR14

Meraki MR14 Wireless Access Point

Dual-Radio, Dual-Band 600 Mbit/s Performance 802.11n Access Point

Designed for demanding office environments, MR14 offers twice the throughput and performance of MR11, and provides high-speed, reliable and cost-effective wireless coverage even in the most challenging indoor RF scenarios, up to six times faster than a/b/g networks. Only available with Enterprise Cloud Controller.


Meraki MR11

Meraki MR11 Wireless Access Point

Single-Radio, Dual-Band 300 Mbit/s Performance 802.11n Access Point

Designed for demanding office environments, MR11 provides high-speed, reliable and cost-effective wireless coverage even in challenging indoor RF scenarios, up to six times faster than a/b/g networks. Only available with Enterprise Cloud Controller.
  • 802.11n MIMO provides up to six times a/b/g speeds with wider, more reliable coverage
  • Self-healing full-duplex mesh operation
  • Seamless, reliable operation with auto-recovery from power or local interference events
  • Powered with energy-efficient 802.3af Power over Ethernet

Meraki Next-Generation 802.11a/b/g/n technology

The MR11 delivers the high throughput and advanced features required by the most demanding business applications, such as voice and streaming video. This high performance is delivered through a dual-band 802.11n radio that utilises advanced radio techniques such as beam forming, multiple ratio combining, and expanded channel widths. In addition, MIMO technology provides more consistent coverage throughout corporate environments.

Rapid, Simple and Flexible Deployment Anywhere You Need Coverage

Sleek design allows MR11 to be installed even in highly visible locations. A simple, intuitive and flexible mounting system allows secure installation in minutes on walls and ceilings without the need for expensive technicians. MR11 is UL 2043 compliant, and can be mounted in plenum spaces in compliance with the strictest building codes. MR11 also features Meraki’s award-winning, self-healing mesh technology, which can further reduce installation time by enabling rapid extension of your network into areas where laying Ethernet or fiber cabling would be impractical.

Ease of Management with Limited IT Resources

Paired with Meraki Cloud Controller, MR11 receives automatic, over-the-air firmware upgrades, hosted branding and simplified authentication. The Cloud Controller also runs network-wide optimisations and frequency-planning to maximise capacity and throughput. With a global view of network health, the Cloud Controller automatically balances capacity to maximise client throughput across the network.

The Metric that Matters: ROI

Meraki’s hosted architecture eliminates the need for expensive controller hardware and software, substantially reducing upfront capital expenditures. In addition, for areas where installing Ethernet or fiber cabling is cost-prohibitive, Meraki’s mesh technology enables reduced upfront wiring costs. MR11’s low, fully 802.3af-compliant power consumption means not having to pay to upgrade your switches. Most important, Meraki simplifies the network design process, making installation fast and easy and makes even the largest networks easy for a single person to manage from any web browser, reducing the need for expenditures on IT staff and consultants.

Meraki Outdoor

Three devices in one tough package

The Meraki Outdoor is a weather-proof and UV-protected wireless access point, gateway, and repeater, designed to boost your networkís range out of doors. Built to withstand everything from hackers to extreme temperatures, water, sand, and dust.

The Outdoor contains a high- powered radio and long-range antenna for a robust, worry-free plug-and-play deployment on building exteriors. And every Meraki device delivers the entire Meraki experience, with instant access to Merakiís unique Cloud Controller.

Features and Benefits

Three Devices in One

The Meraki Outdoor is a high-powered device of many talents. It is a gateway, a repeater, and an access point and works with all other Meraki devices.

Innovative Design

Compact, sleek, and elegant, the Outdoor packs a lot of power into a small package.

Easy Outdoor Set Up

The Outdoor goes anywhere, from a rooftop to a window sill, even those hard-to-reach places where a power outlet is hard to come by. With Power over Ethernet support, you can deploy it with minimal cabling and maximum access. LED signal-strength indicators help you pinpoint the best install location to maximise your signal’s strength.

Extended Range

With a powerful radio and a tough outer shell, the Outdoor was born to live outside and conquer signal interference by relaying over and around buildings.


Meraki Indoor

Revolutionary 3-in-1 mesh WiFi repeating device

The Meraki Indoor is a wireless mesh access point, gateway, and repeater. Small, sleek, and packed with new features, the Indoor is the central building block for any Meraki network. And every Meraki device delivers the entire Meraki experience, with instant access to Meraki's unique Cloud Controller.

Meraki Indoor Wireless - Features and Benefits

Small and Sophisticated

Ideal for commercial, residential, or city-wide deployments, the Indoor is small, sleek, and low-profile. And, with an integrated antenna, the Indoor is compact and works seamlessly with the Meraki Outdoor.

Easy Set Up

The Indoor is plug-and-play, as a gateway, access point and/or a repeater and works with all other Meraki devices. LED signal-strength indicators help you pinpoint the best install location to maximise your signal’s reach.

Fast and Compatible

The Indoor features 802.11b/g wireless technology, making it quick and completely compatible with your existing WiFi-enabled devices.

Hardware Watchdog

The watchdog protects the hardware from unpredictable events like power outages, making your network more reliable.

Meraki Enterprise Cloud Controller

Meraki Cloud-Based Controller for Premium Wireless LANs

Enterprise Cloud Controller powers a premium-featured enterprise wireless LAN without the cost or complexity of traditional solutions. Designed to provide wireless access to the corporate LAN for offices of any size, industrial firms, retailers, educational institutions and multi-site locations.

Performance and Scalability

Scalable Coverage Create large-scale networks capable of serving thousands of simultaneous 802.11a/b/g/n devices, while providing a single seamless network experience. Meraki’s architecture ensures that there are no bottlenecks or single points of failure in the network.

Meraki Mesh™ Extend network coverage to areas without wired Ethernet connections. Meraki’s industry-leading wireless routing algorithms choose the fastest, most reliable paths through single-radio, multi-radio, and mixed-radio mesh networks.

Dynamic RF Optimisation Adapt to changing interference conditions and utilise the maximum available wireless spectrum. System-wide channel optimisation maximises client performance and client density throughout the network.

Security and Access Control

Virtual Network Isolation™ Operate multiple fully isolated virtual wireless networks, each with its own policies and VLAN-tagged traffic, on a single physical network.

Encryption Prevent eavesdropping on the wireless network with strong, standards-based encryption methods including WEP, WPA2, and AES.

Hosted Directory Services Use best practice WPA2-Enterprise (802.1x) authentication with Meraki’s built-in hosted directory service, or integrate with existing RADIUS servers, such as Microsoft Active Directory.

Guest Access Provide temporary access to guests and vendors with a fully customisable landing page experience, without exposing the enterprise’s internal network.

User Management

Per-User Traffic Policies Set bandwidth limits or block network usage, preventing heavy bandwidth users from affecting overall service quality.

Historical Audit Trails Obtain a report about wireless traffic in the last hour or the last month.

Centralised Management

Multi-Site Management Manage multiple branch offices or buildings from a single management interface.

Meraki Dashboard™ Access the Meraki Cloud Controller through a web browser from anywhere in the world to securely monitor and administer the wireless network in real-time.

Role-Based Administration Configure multiple administrator accounts with read-only or full privileges.

High Availability Redundant systems in multiple data centers around the world provide a failover time for the Meraki Cloud Controller that is measured in seconds.

Test Tools Check the connectivity and performance of a wireless network, simulate user authentication, and more without setting foot on-site or using a command line interface.

Quality of Service

Priority Voice Support Provide mobile devices with enhanced call quality using 802.11e/WMM prioritis ed queuing.

Power Save Support Enable mobile devices such as phones, PDAs, and audio players to conserve battery power with 802.11e/WMM power save support.

Meraki Platform

Meraki OS™ Meraki’s secure, high-performance operating system was built from the ground up to be robust and auto-configuring with minimal administrative intervention.

Over-the-Air Firmware Upgrades Stay up-to-date through upgrades that occur in the background, so that networks continue operating with minimal downtime.

Out-of-Band Architecture No client traffic flows through the Meraki Cloud Controller, ensuring maximum performance and availability.

Meraki Control Tunnel™ Meraki’s secure network tunnel provides highly available networking configuration, statistics, and monitoring without any special configuration.

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