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Juniper wireless

Juniper / Trapeze Wireless Networks from LEVER

Trapeze wireless networks from LEVER deliver industry-leading wireless Mobility, Performance, Functionality and Security based upon the Trapeze Mobility System

Trapeze wireless networking using Trapeze Mobility Exchange controllers, Trapeze access points and the Trapeze RingMaster wireless management suite are innovative and industry-proven.

Trapeze wireless is widely and successfully deployed particularly in Health Care, local Government and Education, where a unique collection of features such as inconspicuous "smoke detector" AP styling and specialliy-engineered network features lend Trapeze wireless to Healthcare, Hospitality and other Customer-facing environments.

Contact LEVER now for independent advice and competitive pricing on Trapeze Networks wireless solutions.

Trapeze Networks Controllers

Trapeze Smart Mobile overcomes one of the limitations of other WLAN vendors through technology called "intelligent switching".

Trapeze Smart Mobile intelligent switching combines both centralized and distributed data forwarding based on the requirements of the underlying application, resulting in optimized traffic flow, reduced latency, and ultra high performance—all without the high cost of upgrading network controller infrastructure.

Smart Mobile enables organizations to cost effectively deploy secure, scalable enterprise WLANs that support demanding data and voice applications.

Trapeze Mobility Exchange™ (MX™) controllers

Trapeze Networks™ Mobility Exchange™ (MX™) controllers with Smart Mobile™ intelligent switching technology, enable integration of scalable and secure wireless LANs with your existing wired infrastructure. Trapeze Smart Mobile technology can be used to deliver what Trapeze Networks call NonStop Wireless for Always-on Enterprises.

Trapeze offers a broad range of MX controllers to meet the needs of any sized WLAN.

Trapeze MX-2800 Mobility Exchange Trapeze MX-800R Mobility Exchange Trapeze MX-200R Mobility Exchange

All MX controllers utilize Trapeze’s Mobility System software (MSS™), to provide a common feature set indoor and outdoor. Clusters of wireless LAN controllers and thousands of indoor and outdoor access points may be treated as a single unified network or Mobility Domain™ service that allows seamless, identity-based roaming across the network, complete with application-specific QoS and user-centric security profiles and NonStop Wireless reliability – All managed from a single RingMaster management console.

Trapeze MX8 Mobility Exchange Trapeze MXR-2 Mobility Exchange

Trapeze Access Points

Trapeze Access Points are configured and controlled by Trapeze Mobility Exchange WLAN controllers. All Trapeze WLAN access points perform encryption and can also enforce security policy and forward data, depending on the application needs.

Juniper / Trapeze Wireless Access Points

Trapeze wireless LAN access points for part of what Trapeze Networks call their NonStop Wireless solution - in which all access points are managed collectively as a pool, by a cluster of controllers.

Juniper WLC Wireless LAN Controllers

Juniper's acquisition of Trapeze Networks has resulted in some re-branding of the Trapeze wireless product range, and the introduction of some new Juniper wireless products. Trapeze Mobility Exchange (MX) Controllers are now Juniper WLC Wireless LAN Controllers.

Juniper WLC2 Wireless LAN Controller Juniper WLC8 Wireless LAN Controller Juniper WLC200 Wireless LAN Controller

The Juniper WLC2 Wireless LAN Controller supports up to 4 access points and is designed for branch office, retail stores and small business deployments.

The Juniper WLC8 Controller supports up to 12 access points and is suitable for branch office, small businesses or a small school.

Juniper WLC800 Wireless LAN Controller Juniper WLC2800 Wireless LAN Controller

The Juniper WLC200 grows with your installation, supporting up to 192 access points - making it well-suited for mid-sized enterprises.

The Juniper WLC800 is designed for mainstream 802.11n deployment at large sites. The WLC800 wirelss LAN controller offers 8Gbps of line-rate switching throughput, and supports up to 128 three-stream Juniper 802.11n access points.

The Juniper WLC2800 is designed for mass deployment of wireless LAN access in large enterprises. The WLC2800 wireless LAN controller offers 28Gbps of switching throughput and supports up to 512 802.11n Juniper access points.

Juniper Wireless Access Points

Juniper WLA371 Wireless LAN Access Points are low cost 802.11a/b/g single-radio indoor access points designed for small installations with low density requirements.

The Juniper WLA422 Wireless LAN Access Point is a flexible 802.11a/b/g dual-radio indoor access point with external antenna support, designed for entry-level installations with high performance and coverage requirements.

Juniper WLA422 Wireless Access Point Juniper WLA432 Wireless Access Point Juniper WLA522 Wireless Access Point Juniper WLA632 Wireless Access Point

Juniper WLA522 Wireless LAN Access Points are high-performance 802.11n, dual-radio, 2x2 MIMO indoor access points designed for high-density deployments requiring maximum capacity.

The Juniper WLA432 Wireless LAN Access Point is a high-performance 802.11n dual radio 3x3 MIMO indoor access point designed for low-density deployments requiring maximum coverage.

The Juniper WLA632 Wireless LAN Access Point is a ruggedised 802.11n dual-radio 3x3 MIMO, outdoor access point. It is designed for high-performance client access, bridging and mesh services, with maximum range in extreme outdoor environments.

Juniper AX & CX Wireless Access Points

Juniper AX411 access points are high-performance dual-band, dual-radio 802.11n wireless LAN access points, with integrated management and category-leading security - designed for branch office deployments.

Juniper AX411 AX Wireless Access Point Juniper CX111 CX Wireless Access Point

Juniper's CX111 Cellular Broadband Data Bridge is one of the industry’s most reliable, simple and flexible wireless WAN connectivity options for branch office, short-term and kiosk applications.

Juniper / Trapeze RingMaster

Juniper / Trapeze RingMaster software centralises the admnistration of Juniper wireless networks, and enables administrators to plan, configure and deploy wireless networks comprising potentially hundreds of WLC Series controllers and thousands of WLA Series access points quickly, easily and securely.

Juniper / Trapeze RingMaster is similar in role to Cisco WCS and the Meru Services Appliance / Meru E(z)RF™ Application Suite.

For large deployments, RingMaster is also available as a WLM1200 Management Appliance. In very large enterprises, with multiple large sites, information from multiple RingMaster instances can be aggregated using Juniper's RingMaster Global software.

Juniper's WLM1200 is also available as a Location Appliance - that maintains positioning data for any Wi-Fi device active within the network.

Juniper SmartPass software enables Guest Access that is easy to administer from the front desk; and enforces location-based access control, and much more, by tapping into network intelligence and positioning data available through RingMaster and the Location Appliance.

Review Juniper / Juniper / Trapeze Wireless

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We compare Juniper / Trapeze wireless with Cisco unified wireless, Aruba wireless, Meru wireless, Ruckus wireless, HP ProCurve, Motorola / Symbol wireless and other wireless LAN vendors with LEVER's independent wireless vendor comparison reviews.

Price Juniper / Juniper / Trapeze Wireless

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In addition to quoting best pricing on Trapeze / Juniper wireless products, LEVER add substantial value through our independent and impartial advice on deploying Trapeze / Juniper wireless networks.

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Trapeze Networks Wireless Resellers

LEVER are resellers of Trapeze Networks Wireless network equipment and experienced Juniper / Trapeze Wireless installers. As a leading Juniper Trapeze supplier, LEVER has the experience you need for a successful Trapeze wireless network installation.

Juniper / Juniper / Trapeze Wireless Consultants

LEVER are industry-leading Juniper / Trapeze wireless consultants, delivering independent and authoritative advice on Juniper / Trapeze wireless network planning and design; wireless site survey for Trapeze wireless networks; wireless health check, audit and troubleshooting for Trapeze wireless network optimisation.

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