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Ubiquiti UniFi Wireless for School, College, University

Ubiquiti UniFi Wireless Networks

Ubiquiti wireless networks from LEVER deliver Secure, High-Performance, highly Cost-Effective Indoor wireless Mobility and Outdoor Wireless Bridging at disruptive, ground-breaking Price points

Contact LEVER now for independent advice and competitive pricing on Ubiquiti Networks wireless solutions.

Ubiquiti UniFi WiFi Wireless Networks

Uniquiti UniFi is a revolutionary Wi-Fi system which combines carrier class performance, unlimited scalability and disruptive pricing, with a virtual management controller.

Ubiquiti UniFi wireless networks deliver high-performance Enterprise-grade WiFi networking at the lowest cost of any WLAN vendor.

Ubiquiti UniFi WiFi networks provide highly cost-effective wireless networking for schools, colleges, universities and almost any business or Enterprise network requirement.

Ubiquiti Unifi Wireless Access Points

Ubiquiti UniFi Wireless Access Points

Ubiquiti UniFi Access Points are the lowest-cost Enterprise-grade WiFi APs available, and yet they feature the latest in WiFi 802.11n MIMO technology.

Ubiquiti UniFi APs have a clean-looking but industrial design that blends into most environments and feature the latest in 802.11n MIMO WiFi technology.

Ubiquiti UniFi AP Access Point  

Ubiquiti UniFi UAP 802.11n is an ultra low-cost, single-radio IEEE 802.11n 2x2 MIMO Access Point, capable of 300+Mbps speeds and links of up to 400 ft. The Ubuquiti UAP-LR (Long Range) AP has a higher-gain antenna, to link 50% further (up to 600 feet) compared with the base model UAP.

Ubiquiti Unifi Server

Ubiquiti UniFi Server

Ubiquiti Unifi uses a virtual client/server application to perform the wireless LAN controller function at practically zero cost - requiring no dedicated wireless controller hardware, unlike most other wireless solutions.

Ubiquiti Unifi ServerUbiquiti UniFi server software is installed on an Apple Mac or PC to build a UniFi controller, which can be accessed through any device using a web browser.

Ubiquiti UniFi controller allows the operator to configure and manage thousands of UniFi APs, map out networks, manage system traffic and deploy individual Ubiquity Unify wireless APs.

Ubiquiti UniFi Server   Ubiquiti Unify Server   Ubiquiti UniFi Server   Ubiquiti UniFi Server   Ubiquiti UniFi Server  

Ubiquiti UniFi server software can effectively eliminate the normal - and very substantial costs - of the WLAN controllers that are required with most other WLAN vendors, whilst at the same time avoiding the reliance on WAN links to cloud-based WLAN management services. Find out more about the Ubiquity Unify wireless architecture.

Ubiquiti AirMax

Ubiquiti UniFi Wireless Bridge Links

LEVER supply the complete range of Ubiquiti AirMax wireless bridge products, including the Ubiquiti NanoBridge, PowerBridge, NanoStation, Ubiquiti Rocket M, PicoStation, PowerStation, Ubiquiti Bullet and AirGrid antennas.

As leading UK Ubiquiti wireless suppliers, LEVER install all Ubiquiti wireless bridge products, and provide advanced support services for both existing and new Ubiquiti wireless bridge links.

Review Ubiquiti UniFi Wireless

Get LEVER's reviews of Ubiquiti UniFi and Ubiquiti wireless bridge products via our enquiry form.

Simply enter your requirements and we will contact you promptly with a review of your wireless networking requirements including a highly cost-effective Ubiquiti wireless solution. Review Ubiquiti Unify wireless versus Cisco Unified wireless, Meru, Ruckus, Aruba wireless, Trapeze wireless, HP ProCurve and compare Uniquiti with other leading wireless manufacturers and vendors.

Price Ubiquiti UniFi Wireless

Get best pricing for Ubiquiti Networks Wireless network products via our enquiry form. Or call free on 0800 138 3030 (UK) or +44 (0)113 398 3300 (International).

We will match any like-for-like quotation, and will deliver value-added services too that few other vendors can match.

Buy Ubiquiti Networks Wireless

Buy Ubiquiti Networks Wireless products at best price from the UK's leading company for Enterprise-grade wireless network solutions. Just enter your requirements in our enquiry form and we will quote competitively on all Ubiquiti UniFi Wireless equipment.

Simply enter your Ubiquiti wireless product reuirements and we will quote the same day.

Alternatively, please call free on 0800 138 3030 (UK) or +44 (0)113 398 3300 (International) for immediate pricing and advice.

Ubiquiti Networks Wireless Resellers

LEVER are resellers of Ubiquiti Networks Wireless network equipment and experienced Ubiquiti UniFi Wireless installers. As a leading Ubiquiti Networks supplier, LEVER has the experience you need for a successful Ubiquiti wireless network installation.

Ubiquiti UniFi Wireless Consultants

LEVER are also industry-leading Ubiquiti Network consultants, delivering independent and authoritative advice on Ubiquiti wireless network planning and design; wireless site survey for Ubiquiti wireless networks; wireless health check for Ubiquiti Networks; and troubleshooting for Ubiquiti wireless network optimisation.

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