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Wireless Robotic Networks

LEVER specialise in Wireless Robotic Networks using wireless technologies such as WiFi, 5G, LTE, Bluetooth, ZigBee and others for wireless control of robots in warehouse and other environments.

IEEE 802.11 / WiFi networks can be engineered for real-time control of critical systems such as AI-controlled mobile wireless robots, but success depends upon many factors being properly implemented.

These include advanced WiFi network Planning and Design for the robot control network, careful RF channel and power planning, selection of specialist Wi-Fi adapters and RF antennas for robots, advanced configuration of the Wi-Fi network controllers, specialist survey and testing equipment and procedures, advanced live / real-time 24 x 365 wireless network monitoring and a solid network Analysis and Support team for Operations and Maintenance of the complete installation.

Ideally, responsibility for all wireless components, systems, installation, support and maintenance should reside with one specialist team.

This is exactly the service that we provide.

Wireless Robotc Standards

Wi-Fi for Robotics

All of LEVER's work is completed to standards which far exceed those applied elsewhere in the industry.

LEVER established the Wireless Certification Commission™ (WCC) - the independent standards body created specifically to define new standards for wireless network engineering - which illustrates our Industry leadership in wireless technologies.

We're currently working on the following application profiles:
  • WiFi for high-capacity robotic networks
  • LTE and 5G communications for robot control
  • Microwave and high-frequency mm-Wave robotic communications
  • Real-Time Location Systems for robots, based on Time Difference of Arrival (TDoA) and Received Signal Strength (RSSI)
  • Communications network optimisation
  • Cloud Robotics.

Contact LEVER now for free, independent advice on wireless robotic communications with 802.11 / Wi-Fi, cellular, Bluetooth and other wireless technologies.

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