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Wireless Bridge Links

Wireless bridge links from LEVER deliver industry-leading Throughput, Reliability and
Price-Performance for Outdoor wireless link applications and Leased-Line Replacement

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  • Are you looking to link two or more buildings together?
  • Do you require data rates from 20Mbps to 1.2Gbps?
  • Do you need availability better than 99.99%?
  • Are you in a NEAR line of sight or NON line of sight situation (NLOS)?
  • Are you looking for a faster, cheaper replacement for leased lines or other traditional links?

LEVER install wireless bridge link solutions from a wide range of vendors, including Motorola, Ubiquiti, Tranzeo, Ligowave, InfiNet InfiLink, Ceragon FibeAir, BridgeWave, GeoDesy, MRV TereScope and more.

With wireless Point-to-Point (PtP) and Point-to-Multi Point (PtMP) solutions, you can get rid of expensive leased lines between your buildings and get faster speeds too.

LEVERís wireless bridge solutions include links from just £300, through to BridgeWave that deliver lightning speeds up to 1.25Gbps.

Wireless Bridge Solutions / Vendor Comparison

ManufacturerThroughput (up to)
Ubiquiti PowerBridge150 Mbps
LigoWave PTP180 Mbps
InfiLink PTP260 Mbps
Motorola PTP280 Mbps
BridgeWave GE80X1.25Gbps Full Duplex

BridgeWave GE80 Wireless Point-to-Point Bridge

BridgeWave GE80 Gigabit Ethernet Wireless Point-to-Point Bridge links provide high-capacity links for extending enterprise LANs between buildings and sites, and for high speed wireless backhaul applications. BridgeWave is a leading supplier of gigabit RF connectivity equipment for government, military and telecoms service providers.

Motorola PtP Bridge Links

Motorola PtP bridge links work in difficult RF situations where there is no clear Line Of Sight (LOS). Motorola PtP wireless bridge links deliver aggregate link speeds up to 300Mbps, with a range of lower-speed links at economical price points.

InfiNet InFiLINK Wireless 2x2 Wireless Bridge

InfiNet InfiLINK 2x2 Wireless Bridge products deliver high-performance broadband wireless backhaul solutions, with high throughputs and increased link availability over long distances, in both LOS and NLOS situations. InfiLINK 2x2 combines high-speed capability up to 260Mbps throughput with a rich set up features to enable seamless integration with existing wireless or wired networks.

LigoWave Wireless Bridge

LigoWave wireless bridges deliver high-capacity, license-exempt PTP based wireless bridge links with the LIGOPTP 5 MIMO series product line. Using 2x2 MIMO technology, the LigoPTP 5-23/5-N MIMO delivers aggregate TCP throughput capability of up to 180 Mbps (90 Mbps full-duplex) combined with high packets-per-second performance. LigoWave LigoPTP 5-23/5-N MIMO enables carrier-class point-to-point capability, ideal for dedicated access or backhaul applications. The LigoWave PTP product family couples flexible channel width capability (20 or 40 MHz) and industry-leading proprietary software mechanisms to deliver high spectral efficiency, and features an integrated dual-polarised antenna or connectorised rugged, cast aluminum enclosure.

Ubiquiti UniFi Wireless Bridge

Ubiquiti Networks produce innovative and price-disruptive broadband outdoor wireless bridge products which include the Ubiquiti Bullet, Ubiquiti NanoStation, Ubiquiti PicoStation, Ubiquiti NanoBridge and the Ubiquiti AirGrid. Ubiquiti bridges combine industry leading product design built around internally developed core technologies including AirMAX MIMO TDMA Protocol System, AirSync GPS Synchronization and the AirOS operating system and Frequency Freedom technology (100MHz to 10GHz) RF design.

Wireless Bridges for Redundancy

LEVER install cost-efficient wireless bridge solutions between buildings which provide redundancy for existing links, including leased lines, laser links and other wireless bridge links. Our wireless bridge solutions are low-cost, quick and simple to install. All of LEVERís wireless bridge solutions use wither the licence-exempt 2.4Ghz, 5.4Ghz or 5.8Ghz RF bands. Connection data rates of up to 150bps can be achieved over a single wireless link using low-cost equipment.

Wireless Bridge Survey

Wireless bridge survey is an important, and sometimes essential pre-requisite to installing a wireless bridge link. Wireless bridge survey is usually performed on-site, but in some cases can be performed remotely using sophisticated tools and methods. A wireless bridge site survey should tell you whether or not a link is viable for the intended locations, the data rates and link uptime / availability that should be expected.

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