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Wireless Network Planning and Design

LEVER are Europe's leading Wi-Fi experts in Wi-Fi network Planning, Design, Installation, Support, Survey, Analysis, Optimisation, Troubleshooting - and technical Training.

No other company can offer what we do - Authority, Expertise, Vendor-neutrality, Competence.

Wi-Fi network Planning and Design probably are the two most crucial phases of any Wi-Fi network deployment - yet in most cases this is done badly, or not at all!

Here we present a 3-minute tutorial on the problems with Wi-Fi network design.

Please contact us with any questions!

Wi-Fi Network Engineering

LEVER are unique in delivering Optimised, Guaranteed Wi-Fi network Solutions.

Many organisations use LEVER to Plan and Design their Wi-Fi networks - because we produce validated designs that guarantee Wi-Fi Coverage, Capacity, Performance and Reliability; usually at lower cost than other resellers.

How can we Guarantee all of this?

Essentially, LEVER Engineer Wi-Fi networks using state-of-the-art tools and methodologies that few, if any, other companies have.

Expert Wi-Fi network engineering is essential - if your Wi-Fi network is to deliver the Coverage, Capacity, Performance and Reliability that is required; and at the best price for your chosen Wi-Fi manufacturer.

Why do some Wi-Fi Networks Fail to Deliver?

Wi-Fi network deployments often fail to deliver Reliability, Capacity and Performance - because of:

  • Poor Planning
  • Poor Wi-Fi RF network Design
  • Incompetent RF Site Survey
  • Poor Wi-Fi network implementation.

We're here to help you avoid the pitfalls and enjoy the benefits that expertly-design Wi-Fi networks can deliver.

Importance of the Physical network

Ask yourself: How well would your switched Gigabit Ethernet network perform if your physical cabling was sub-standard?

Answer: It would be Unreliable and wouldn't deliver the Data rates or Capacity you needed.

No surprise there!

The Wi-Fi RF Network

So what about Wi-Fi networks?

The physical part of a Wi-Fi installation is the RF Network.

So: How do you Design and Certify a Wi-Fi RF network?

This is crucial question - because if you can't design a fit-for-purpose RF Network, then your Wi-Fi deployment simply won't perform.

Wi-Fi RF Network Design

We have standards for physical Ethernet cabling - Cat 5e and Cat6 - but what about a Wi-Fi network?

Answer: There isn't a standard for Wi-Fi RF networks!

Question: What standard was your last Wi-Fi network designed to?

Answer: Probably none at all!

If this concerns you - and we think it should - then contact LEVER now to find out how we help major organisations throughout Europe to deploy expertly-designed Wi-Fi networks.

So How do you Design a Wi-Fi Network?

Contact us to find out how to design Optimised, Fit-for-Purpose Wi-Fi networks.

What about IEEE 802.11n? or 802.11ac?

Standards like 802.11n and 802.11ac are NOT standards for Wi-Fi RF network Design!

Wi-Fi network vendors are pushing IEEE 802.11n, and now 802.1ac, as silver bullets - offering superb performance and reliability.

But in truth - 802.11n and 802.11ac alone are simply insufficient.

Optimised Wi-Fi Networks

Ask yourself: What is an Optimised Wi-Fi network?

In LEVER's view - it is one which is expertly-designed - fit-for-purpose and deployed at least cost.

Automatic RF

"Automatic RF management" mechanisms on the WLAN controller - like Cisco's AutoRF, Aurba's ARM, and other algorithms - are no silver bullet either.

Sales spin from Wi-Fi vendors can give the impression that we don't have to worry much about Wi-Fi network Design or Configuration - because auto RF mechanisms take care of everything.

But neither 802.11n nor automatic RF management can fix a sub-standard RF network.

That would be like an Ethernet switch trying to fix your sub-standard cabling!

What makes a Wi-Fi RF Network?

A Wi-Fi RF network is the product of:

  • The Vendor and Model of each Wi-Fi AP deployed.
  • The Number of APs deployed.
  • The Location of each AP (really, it's the AP's antennas).
  • The chosen Antenna types.
  • Each Antenna's orientation azimuth and elevation.
  • The Transmit Power level of each AP radio.
  • The RF Channel used by each radio.

Note that the "automatic RF management" schemes used in enterprise Wi-Fi products only have control over two of the parameters mentioned above:

  • Power levels
  • RF Channel

The rest are determined by the Wi-Fi network installer. And once it's installed - you're stuck with it!

Has Your Wi-Fi Network Really Been Designed?

A Wi-Fi Network Engineer or installer cannot truly have designed the RF network unless there is a properly-written Wi-Fi RF Network Design Specification.

Where's yours?

What RF network properties does it specify?

What about Wi-Fi network verification after installation? What is your standard for that?

Contact LEVER for details of how to write a Wi-Fi network specification.

How Defective are your Wi-Fi Networks?

You may have just realised why more than 90% of enterprise Wi-Fi network deployments are non-optimal = overly-expensive.

Or why many Wi-Fi network are failing to meet customer requirements.

Contact LEVER to learn how we can assess and evaluate your Wi-Fi networks.

Circular Wi-Fi Cells

Another key reason why Wi-Fi network fail to deliver is the fact that Wi-Fi network design doesn't work the way that many WLAN vendors suggest.

For example, take a look at the circular cells painted by the vendors in their Wi-Fi network design diagrams.

Are RF cells really circular?

No - they aren't!

So why does virtually everyone draw them that way?

This reveals either ignorance on the part of the Wi-Fi network supplier or designer; and an assumption that the buyer of the Wi-Fi network will accept an incompetent Wi-Fi network design.

Four APs into Three Channels Doesn't Go!

Or, ask yourself how do you arrange cells in groups of 4 - at the corners of a square - when you only have three non-overlapping channels in the 2.4GHz band? - channels 1, 6 and 11?

What's that Cell Boundary?

Here's another question: What does the boundary of that circle represent? Is it:

  • Signal Strength (dBm)?
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio (dB)?
  • Associated data rate (Mbps)?
  • The point where RF stops travelling?

If the cell boundary isn't labelled, that circle means absolutely nothing!

Look carefully at your vendor's Wi-Fi network design guides. Be critical!

And let's not forget - there should never be any circles! Or squares. Or any other regular shape.

Contact LEVER to learn more about Wi-Fi network Design.

Incompetent Wi-Fi network Design

Is this giving you the impression that most Wi-Fi network suppliers are incompetent?

We have to define "competence" in Wi-Fi network Design. So how do you do that?

Is there a qualification?

Amazingly - No! There's the Certified Wireless Design Professional (CWDP) certification - but this doesn't teach Wi-Fi RF network design!

Is there a training course?

Yes - LEVER delivers what is probably the World's only vendor-neutral training course on Wi-Fi RF network Design and Survey.

Contact LEVER to learn about our Wi-Fi network Engineering courses.

Avoid the Spin

LEVER are acknowledged World Experts in WiFi WLAN Planning, Design and Survey. We have written a series of definitive, vendor-neutral Wi-Fi RF Network Design articles, and indeed a full four-day training course on the subject.

LEVER is the World's First and only CWNP GOLD Learning Partner and a World authority on Wi-Fi network Planning, Design, Survey, Installation, Audit, Optimisation, Troubleshooting and Support.

Contact LEVER to learn about our unique capabilities in Wi-Fi network Design and Deployment.

Why LEVER for WiFi WLAN Survey, Planning and Design?

Since 2001, LEVER have developed industry-leading skills and methodologies and our capabilities are unrivalled.

We provide a complete range of services to organisations planning to implement wireless and mobile network solutions.

LEVER perform expert wireless network planning and design, full on-site active and passive RF site survey services, virtual and remote wireless surveys and wireless network modelling using state-of-the-art tools, and much more.

Our services include:

  • Wireless network Planning and Design
  • Wireless Site Survey
  • Wireless network Installation
  • Wireless network Security Audit
  • Wireless network Analysis and Troubleshooting

LEVER's wireless network planning and design services include:

  • Existing Wireless Network Assessment
  • Wireless Voice over IP (Wireless IP telephony, Voice over WiFi - VoWiFi)
  • Vendor / Product Evaluation and Recommendations
  • Wireless System Architecture Definition
  • Wireless System configuration definition
  • Wireless Technical Specification Development
  • Wireless RFP Development and Review

Contact LEVER now for independent advice on Wireless Site Survey including WiFi Survey, Wi-Fi WLAN Planning and Design.

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